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Quality stainless steel wall shelves.
Price and sizes vary.

£35 +VAT

Stainless steel wall shelves.
Price and sizes vary.

£45 +VAT

This superb Frymaster 8kw pasta boiler holds 3lbs of dry pasta and boasts the industry’s largest overflow drain, to virtually eliminate the chance of clogs. The auto Fill/starch skimmer keeps water levels at the correct height and removes excess starch residue.
Please Note: This high quality Pasta boiler is in fantastic condition, less than 18 months old.

£300 +VAT

Perfect for start-ups and refurbishments this good quality stainless steel and granite worktop unit will provide your business with plenty storage and worktop space. It comes complete with a carvery pad which can be removed to reveal a two pot dry Bain Marie (pots not included). Additionally this worktop unit has space for seven built in twin plug sockets ready for your equipment and a hand sink at one end.

£795 +VAT

Bake Off convection oven for everyday use in commercial kitchen
Perfect for cooking or reheating.
Drop Down Door
60 Minute timer
4 removable cooking racks included

£795 +VAT

Provide your customers with superb quality foods with this smart eco touch steam oven by mono BX. It features user-friendly, Colour Touch-Screen Controller for easy programming via USB with a favourites Menu which accesses the most frequently used programmes quickly and easily saving time in busy periods. The multi bake facility allows 4 separate bake cycles to be run simultaneously.
Additionally the 7-day timer provides complete automatic control of the oven's operation. The sleep mode returns the oven to its optimum standby temperature and reduces energy consumption by up to 66% and the auto shutdown facility prevents the oven being left on by mistake.

£1895 +VAT

This superb Pot Boy by IMC will leave your pots pans and other utensils sparkling clean every time.it has low running costs and can be mounted over a sink unit to speed up cleaning times in busy establishments.

£750 +VAT

This single mobile heated plate trolley features adjustable temperature controls and situated on casters for easy movement and positioning.
The spring system is variable to accomodate different weights of plates with adjustable guides to enable the warmer to take various sizes. It can accept approximately 70 plates.

£195 +VAT

Offer huge amounts of fresh and tasty salad this time of year with minimal work with this top quality veg & leaf washing machine. It features automatic toss/ immersion cleaning with fresh water shower. It also has washing and spinning with one program sequence without having to put the produce into another basket. Additionally it features an automatic basket lifting and lowering device for ergonomic charging and discharging. The comfortable table arrangements ensure ease of operation. This veg & lead washing machine includes circulation pump and drain pump and is supplied with one basket.

£1250 +VAT

Quality Stainless Steel Bench complete with one shelf. Lip Height: 50mm

£95 +VAT

Stainless Steel dishwasher side table is the perfect addition to any pass-through setup, it features undercounter basket racking and comes complete with adjustable feet. Basket Rack Size: 550mm x 510mm

£125 +VAT

Stainless steel dishwasher side table features a large splash back upstand and comes complete with an undercounter shelf and adjustable feet.; Height with Back Upstand: 1115mm

£115 +VAT

Stainless steel table features a left hand cut out and comes complete with an undercounter shelf.
Height: 870mm / 34 Inches
Width: 1300mm / 51 Inches
Depth: 650mm / 26 Inches

£110 +VAT

Low stainless steel table is the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen.
Height: 665mm / 26 Inches
Width: 1200mm / 47 Inches
Depth: 595mm / 23 Inches

£95 +VAT

Quality stainless steel bar sink features a left hand basin and hand sink, complete with an undercounter shelf. ;Basin Measurements: 550mm x 380mm x 300mm Deep; Handsink Measurements: 230mm x 360mm x 195mm Deep

£225 +VAT

This drinks mixer by Hamilton Beach has been designed to meet the strength and durability of the most demanding of food service locations. This mixer is perfect for making drinks from milkshakes to margaritas thanks to its three speed settings. Additionally the coil spring motor mountings and quality ball bearings help to minimise vibration and noise. The simple and easy to use controls ensure all staff members can operate it with minimal training. The drinks mixer comes complete with one stainless steel cup.

£225 +VAT

Stainless steel double hand sink unit complete with push flow taps, perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. Bowl Measurements: 400mm x 270mm x 150mm Deep

£125 +VAT

This Rational 10 grid Self-Cooking Centre & stand boasts a wide range of self-cooking and combi oven modes for different foods and cooking styles. Ideal for high-output restaurants and food service locations the combi oven features several cooking settings such as 9 unique self-cooking & three combi modes and Banqueting & Finishing Modes. It also has a delay start function and half energy saving function, full HACCP Download Function, 6 Point IQT Sensor and a Calc-Diagnosis System which identifies lime scale build up ensuring more of your time is spent on cooking and preparing meals and less time on cleaning and maintenance. This is also made easier by the care-control intelligent cleaning process which maximises operational reliability and saves you time within your busy establishment. Includes Stand.

£3300 +VAT

This low duty twin tank fryer is ideal for small cafes and coffee shops. It features easy to use independent controls which enable you to use one side during quieter times. The fryer comes fully complete with two baskets and lids.

£25 +VAT

This quality dishwasher is ideal for use within demanding food service locations. It has two cycle times of 2 minute & 3 minute and is capable of cleaning up to 30 baskets per hour. This dishwasher is gravity drained and is supplied with stand. (Measurements include the stand).

£995 +VAT

This heavy duty fruit and veg juicer used centrifugal principle to separate the juice from the residue automatically. It has been specifically designed for juicing fruits and veg such as carrots, cucumber, beetroot, celery, tomatoes, apples, pears and grapes. Oranges and grapefruits are not recommended for this machine. This juicer is capable of producing up to 3 1/4 quarts per minute and has an adjustable spout of up to 8 positions for convenient placement. The stainless steel finish ensures it will complement any juice bar, restaurant, health club etc.

£150 +VAT

This super-pass heated counter features a three tier heated gantry with individually controlled tiers complete with four ticket strips. Additionally, it features three heated drawers which can hold 1/1GN containers and is independently controlled. The heated counter also comes with two bain marries which are also independently controlled and can accommodate up to five 1/1 GN containers. The super-pass also includes a spacious under shelf which can be accessed at both sides making it is ideal for storing plates and other kitchen items. The counter is positioned on castors for easy movement and positioning within the most demanding of food service locations.

£1695 +VAT

This mixer by crypto peerless is ideal for any commercial kitchen from restaurants to bakery's. Features easy to use controls and comes complete with beater, whisk, spiral dough.

£550 +VAT

This narrow stainless steel table features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet.
Height: 855mm / 34 Inches
Width: 1770mm / 70 Inches
Depth: 530mm / 21 Inches

£150 +VAT

This double stainless steel sink features two large deep bowls complete with a left hand drainer. Features an undercounter shelf and adjustable feet. Taps not included. ; Bowl Measurements: 500mm x 500mm x 300mm Deep
Height: 950mm / 37 Inches
Width: 1800mm / 71 Inches
Depth: 700mm / 28 Inches

£350 +VAT

Stainless steel pass-through sink is the perfect addition to any dishwasher set up, It features a deep bowl complete with taps and comes with an undercounter shelf and adjustable feet.

£175 +VAT

Stainless steel pass-through dishwasher side table comes complete with an undercounter shelf and adjustable feet.

£85 +VAT

Quality stainless steel pass-through sink features a deep bowl complete with a spray arm and also features an undercounter shelf; Bowl Measurements: 560mm x 385mm; 245mm Deep
Height: 1230mm / 48 Inches
Width: 1135mm / 45 Inches
Depth: 745mm / 29 Inches

£275 +VAT

This quality bulls-eye oven range by Blue Seal is perfect for use within demanding restaurants. It features heavy-duty cast iron top with removable centre ring, high output dual ring cast iron burner, welded hob surround with 1.5mm stainless steel bull nose and an enamelled hob control panel.
Additionally, the range features a GN 2/1 gas static oven with drop down door and fully welded and enamelled oven liner and is supplied with two chrome wire oven racks. The oven range has been fabricated from top quality stainless steel and has rear rollers and heavy duty front feet.

£895 +VAT

This dry heat bain marie is ideal for keeping various foods at the perfect serving temperature. It comes complete with three 1/4 GN containers with lids and features easy to use controls.

£75 +VAT

This extremely reliable under counter dishwasher by Electrolux features double skinned insulated wall which ensures low level noise & a reduction in heat loss, fully automatic self-cleaning cycle that avoids the risk of bacteria proliferation. The dishwasher also has simple to use digital controls which shows various functions such as the wash & rinse cycle times, temperatures, rinse aid & detergent dispensing etc. This quality dishwasher comes complete with drain pump and is supplied with one 500mm x 500mm Basket.

£995 +VAT

Stainless steel table feature an undercounter galvanised steel shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet. Height + 40mm Lip

£125 +VAT

Quality stainless steel table feature undercounter space, perfect for any small appliances.

£150 +VAT

This stainless steel low hot cupboard is ideal for use within any busy kitchen. It features a digital display and comes complete with two sliding doors and one middle stainless shelf which can accommodate 1/1 GN containers. This unit is situated on castors for easy movement within any kitchen.

£550 +VAT

These compact scales are perfect for establishments where space is at a premium. Ideal for use in small deli shops and butchers to ensure you provide your customers with the desired amount of produce with ease. The scales feature easy to use controls and digital display of both weight and price which makes operation effortless.

£75 +VAT

Maximise product sales with this slim white display fridge. It features a white interior and exterior finish and comes complete with four shelves. The display also includes internal knighting and easy to use controls.

£345 +VAT

This dishwasher bench comes with basket rack which can accomodate 500x500mm baskets.
Height: 895mm / 35 Inches
Width: 1200mm / 47 Inches
Depth: 590mm / 23 Inches

£150 +VAT

This double dishwasher sink features two double sinks and spray arm and comes with waste disposal unit with splash back.

£350 +VAT

Quality stainless steel dishwasher table features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet.

£175 +VAT

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