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Thermair - Bath

Sales and service of used and new remote beer coolers, ice machines and flakers.

We also carry a number of T bars, fonts and single taps - ideal for hire to festivals and functions.


J&E Hall Cellar Cooler J5LC15C/JCC25E also suitable for wine cellars, cold rooms and fruit and veg storage. Tried and tested and in good working order. Designed to operate down to 4c. System has been sealed and both condensing unit valves front seated by qualified engineer.

£675 £595 VAT Free

Stanwell STL110 complete with wall bracket. A run silent baffled unit with capacity to run up to 12 flojet pumps (Dependant on head pressure). If you are running pumps on gas this unit offers excellent savings. Operating pressure at 7 bar with a 24 litre receiver volume, weight 21kgs and oil free operation. Lightweight stainless Steel Receiver and automatic condensate removal. Output 105 L/min.

£375 £325 VAT Free

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