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A large amount of catering serving items for sale, separated into lots or sold as one lot (not sold as individual items). Most items are in plastic storage boxes with lids. There are pictures of most items if needed. Priced for quick sale. Please contact me for additional details.

£330 VAT Free ono

chaffing dishes
We have 49 soup tureens for sale. They have a 6 pint capacity and are stainless steel. They are also well made.

£5 including VAT ono

Soup tureens
| Quantity: 49
Dudson Deep Oval Platter 12 1/2"
Special offer
400 pcs in stock

£7 +VAT

Dudson Deep Oval Platter
| Quantity: 400
** Ideal for serving salad for 4/ people
** Also could be used for buffet display as it will sit taller on the table than other items and will give the grand appeal!!!
** Also could be used as rice serving platter for people of 8/10.
Dudson graded seconds crockery hand selected.
Size: 31.3cm wide by 7cm tall, Mid well width 13cm
List price £19.50 Your clearance price £6.99 each plus vat

£6.99 +VAT

100 x Dudson super deep bowl
| Quantity: 100
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
20 x 18” x 12” Ovals 18/10 quality, large and small stainless vegetable dishes, two round platters, one other.

£200 VAT Free

Stainless steel
Stainless steel cloche perfect for use in fine dining establishments for attractive presentation of food.

£15 VAT Free

Stainless steel cloche
| Quantity: 2
Colour: White, Glaze damage resistance, Stain resistance, Heat and chill retention
Shape: Round, Microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, Thermal shock resistance
Includes: 52 Jugs @ £550.00 plus VAT (£660.00 including VAT)
Also For Sale: 68 Individual Enamel Pie Dishes @ £250.00 plus VAT (£300.00 including VAT)

£800 +VAT

Steelite Simplicity White Jugs and Enamel Pie Dishes

£395 VAT Free

Victor Holding Cabinet-Drawers (Warmer)
Artis - 09-53-701 - Square Plate Leaf Inset Frosted
24 per carton
4 boxes in stock
Price: £38.16 per box + VAT

£38.16 +VAT

Artis - 09-53-701 - Square Plate Leaf Inset Frosted
| Quantity: 4
Bargain at £1 each - 35 in total Sturdy, dishwasher safe plastic catering ovals
Sturdy, dishwasher safe plastic catering ovals
All excellent condition (some unused): 6x 41cm long, green, 14x 53cm long, green, 9x 53cm long, burgundy
Stainless steel round and oval flats : - All excellent condition, heavy quality steel, little used: 4x round 40cm diameter

£35 VAT Free

Second Hand Catering platters for collection from North Yorkshire
| Quantity: 35
Approx 40 of each size
Indian style copper and steel kadhai bowls with handles
New price large £8 small £6
Open to offers


kadhai bowls
| Quantity: 80
Save 45% on Stainless Steel Oval Flats / Meat Flats
No. SizeRRPPrice
103x25CM £2.54 £1.39
418x35CM£4.52 £2.48
503x40CM£5.98 £3.28
156x 60CM £13.50£7.42

£1.39 +VAT

Brand New stainless steel oval flats
36CM, 3 Div Stainless Steel Oval Vegetable Dish
£4.96 each £7.60 - 35% off
Catering quality
Heavy duty good stainless
*Over stocked * All boxed New Stock

£4.96 +VAT

Stainless Steel Veg Dish 3 Divided
| Quantity: 188
All items have been lightly used then just been in storage so may have a few minor marks on

Lot includes:
  • Teapot 19oz - 9
  • Teapot 40oz - 7
  • Sugar Bowl 5oz - 48
  • Sugar Bowl 10.75oz - 59
  • Gravy Boat 9.75oz - 19
  • Gravy Boat 16oz - 46
  • Sundae Dish 5oz - 291
  • Milk Jug 19oz - 35
  • Milk Jug 5oz - 18
  • Salt & Pepper Pots 50ml - 93 sets
Please note sizes and shapes might vary slightly

£800 VAT Free ono

Job Lot Stainless Steel Catering / Serving Equipment
A number of various stainless steel flats

25 round including 4 x 50cm and 5 x 45 cm and assorted others plus 30 oval

Would prefer to sell in one lot for £100 no vat

£100 VAT Free

Stainless Steel Flats
In very good condition

Less than year old

£4 VAT Free

For sale stainless steel bread baskets
| Quantity: 12

£4 £2.50 +VAT

Stainless Steel Soup Tureen with Ladles - Tonbridge, Kent
| Quantity: 17
3 different types new and used:
  • Type 1 - 8x various large tea and coffee pots, model Concorde. Cost £12.00 new
  • Type 2 - 10x 1 litre Arabian coffee pots, 18/8 stainless steel with bulbed bottoms, and heat resistant handles, with traditional spout design. £16.80 new SOLD
  • Type 3 - 7x 1 litre Arabian tea pots, 18/8 stainless steel, bulbed bottoms, and heat resistant handles, with traditional spout design £16.40 new - SOLD
Some are new and some only used at 2 functions

£160 £45 VAT Free ono

Stainless steel teapots
| Quantity: 33
Restaurant Stainless Steel Cloche Serving Dish
Food Dome with Plate
Plate Size: 30.5cm
Dome Size: 25.5cm x 15cm
Constructed from Stainless Steel
Each Set is Individually Boxed

£1500 +VAT ono

Cloche dome food cover
| Quantity: 100