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Fully stripped to the frame,
degreased and cleaned , Framework repainted
New Firebox Insulation , side panels ,
New Gas valves and fully reconditioned burner assembly fitted.

£3800 VAT Free

Chicken Shop pressure fryer
Suitable for the most demanding of food service locations this top quality pressure fryer by Henny Penny allows you to cook faster at lower temperatures whilst producing healthier better tasting fried foods. This top Quality pressure fryer features a patented lid lock system which keeps the lid sealed until pressure reaches 1 psi, high-limit temperature protection and the colour-keyed locking spindle engages pressure seal. The fryer has Computron 8000 which features 10 programmable cook cycles, load compensation, idle/melt/clean-out modes, proportional control, water detection alert, an optional filter prompt, customizable filter tracking and a 16-character digital display with multiple language settings.

£3250 +VAT

Gas fryer for sale
This BKI LPF-F Electric pressure fryer is efficient and economical to use.Pressure cooking delivers moist tender fried food with 30% longer holding capability.The fryer is fitted with a in-built filtration system
Excellent cleaned/tested condition

£2995 including VAT ono

Electric fryer for sale
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Henny Penny PFG692 8 head pressure fryer.
Good condition.
Missing basket, drip tray and needs new control board.
Natural gas.

£3000 +VAT

Henny Penny Pressure Fryer
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