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Elro describe these very clever boiling pans as “A multifunction pan and cooker for health conscious high performance cooking”. Designed to cook large batches of soups, stocks, pie fillings without the need to tend and stir. Sealing meat and fish before adding aromatics and liquids brings out the very nest of flavour. Cooking in a pressurised vacuum reduces cooking times by up to 50% on conventional cooking, preserves nutritional values and optimises flavour. If turn-over times are an intrinsic part of your operation, these machines would add significant value to operational planning and accurately meeting deadlines.

£2995 inc. VAT

Pressure cooker for sale
Fully stripped to the frame,
degreased and cleaned , Framework repainted
New Firebox Insulation , side panels ,
New Gas valves and fully reconditioned burner assembly fitted.

£3800 VAT Free

Chicken Shop pressure fryer
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£5000 £4000 +VAT

Henny Penny Pressure Fryers
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