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Stainless steel pass-through sink features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with a splash back, perfect for any pass-through dishwasher setup. Worktop Height: 895mm Sink H: 290mm W: 500mm D:490mm

£350 +VAT

A tough , outdoor or indoor hand sanitiser post fitted with two 1lt hand sanitisers.
The base unit can be filled with water or sand for use in high winds and normally comes in a bright Blue.
Encourages good hand hygiene
Easy to refill
Free UK delivery

£99 +VAT each

| Quantity: 500
Quality stainless steel wall mounted six user wash trough complete with push flow taps ideal for outdoor events.

£175 +VAT

Used Ice Well Sink.
Single bowl 44 X 37 X 24cm
Right drainer table
Adjustable shelves
Upstand 130cmW x 56cmD x 86cmH

£280 +VAT

Quality stainless stel double sink features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet, perfect for any commercial kitchen. Bowl size: 250 x 6110 x 400

£350 +VAT

Quality stainless steel triple bowl sink is the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen

£325 +VAT

Used Moffat Single Sink.
Single bowl 70 X 50 X 33cm
Double drainer
Adjustable feet

£375 +VAT

Used Double Sink.
Double bowl 60 X 45 X 30cm
Left drainer
Adjustable feet

£415 +VAT

Used Single Sink.
Single bowl 23 X 35 X 15cm
Right table
Adjustable feet

£180 +VAT

Used Bar Sink.
Medium bowl 30 X 33 X 19cm
Hand wash 28 X 28 X 16cm
Upstand back and right

£375 +VAT

Stainless steel double sink with cupboard
185 x 68 x 85 cm
180 x 68 x 85 cm

£300 VAT Free

Double stainless steel sink comes complete with two deep bowls and features taps and a spray arm. ;Bowl Measurements: 610mm x 450mm x 410mm Deep

£325 +VAT

Undercounter Gap W:650mm x D:530mm ;Bowl Measurements: 230mm x 230mm x 120mm Deep

£195 +VAT

Stainless steel pass-through sink features a deep left hand basin, complete with an undercounter shelf, perfect for any dishwasher setup. Sink H: 290mm W: 910mm D: 460mm

£350 +VAT

Poly John twin sink wash stands
Brand new and unused

£375 +VAT each

| Quantity: 3
Brand New Infernus Single Sink.
Single bowl 60 x 40 x 36cm
Shelf, Taps, Adjustable feet, Upstand
77cmW x 60cmD x 90cmH

£295 +VAT

Brand New Infernus Double Sink.
Double bowl 60 X 40 X 37cm
Shelf, Taps, Adjustable feet, Upstand
140cmW x 60cmD x 90cmH

£395 +VAT

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