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Ex Demo Buffalo SO47 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie. Perfect for any commercial kitchen or buffet, the Buffalo bain marie makes it easy to stylishly keep food warm. Supplied with two 1/3rd size and two 1/6th size gastronorm pans and lids, the Buffalo bain marie is ideal for holding a huge variety of pre-cooked foods such as beans, chilli or gravy at a safe serving temperature. Once service is over, the bain marie is incredibly easy to clean and drain, thanks to stainless steel construction and the handy front-mounted water drainage tap.

£140 +VAT

Ex Demo Buffalo SO47 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie (8746)

£60 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
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Good condition, wet heat bain marie from top British manufacturer
Model: BS7W
6 x 4.5lt pots can hold up to 27lt of product! Ideal for any busy street food seller, fish and chip shop or takeaway.
Wet heat gives perfect conditions for holding sauces, gravy and pre cooked foods at safe temperatures without product drying out as can happen in dry heat bain maries.

£200 VAT Free

6 pot bain marie for sale
New HC HC-BMWS4 6 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
Comes with 1 x 1/2, 3 x 1/3 and 2 x 1/4 Gastro pans
Glass display

£425 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
New HC HC-BMWS3 3 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
Comes with 3 x 1/2 Gastro pans
Glass Display

£375 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
Cougar wet Baine Marie electric
6 pots with lids
Excellent condition only used for 2 years.

£220 VAT Free

Six pot bain marie for sale
This hot food serving trolley is ideal for any one requiring hot food service.
Comprising of a bain marie on top with two heated compartments underneath.
Accepts Gastro norm containers (not included)

£400 £299 VAT Free

Victor Hot Cupboard & Bain Marie on wheels
| Quantity: 2
New HC HC-BMW3 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie
1/1 Gastro wet Bain Marie
Comes with 4 x 1/4 Gastro pans and lids
With tap

£180 +VAT

HC HC-BMW3 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie
New B Grade Burco CTBM01 Dry Bain Marie. Full 1/1 Gastro Dry Bain Marie
Comes with 3 x 1/3 Gastro pans 40cmW x 60cmD x 28cm

£210 +VAT

Burco 3x 1/3 Castronorm Bain Marie
This table top wet heat bain Marie is perfect for keeping a selection of foods at the perfect serving temperature. The wet heat system prevents foods from drying out. The bain Marie comes complete with a total of five 1/3 gastronome containers with lids and has an easy drain tap and user friendly controls.

£175 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
Lincat BM7 XW wet Bain Marie
750(W) x 290(H) x 600(D)
In good working order

£220 VAT Free

Lincat BM7 XW Table Top Wet Well Bain Marie
The Round Heated Well from Hatco is a multi-purpose, insulated, dry well that offers the flexibility of being a foodwarmer, soup kettle, Bain-Marie heater, steamer and pasta cooker all in one.
Heat is distributed evenly throughout the unit to maintain desired temperatures.
Has 3 temperature setpoints of low, medium and high for warming, steaming and boiling.
Includes a low-power mode for increased economy.

£400 VAT Free

Hatco RHW Double Heated Well
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