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Raclette “SUPER”- Cheesy Swiss Goodness

I would like to offer you today:

Professional Quality Raclette Electric Grill with two revolving heating cases.

Raclette version SUPER is a cheese melter suited for use in a professional environment such as a buffet, market stall trading or in a restaurant.

Not bad idea having it in your own house while doing a party to a large group of people

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£280 VAT Free

Raclette grill TTM cheese melter

Sold Professional Raclette Machine - East London

Price: £250 ono VAT Free
Professional Raclette Machine for sale
A Professional Raclette Machine which melts big pieces of cheese ( TTM company - Switzerland). Machine was used 3 times during market trade sale this year. Cleaned and ready to use again. Looks like new-see photo.

The Super Raclette Melter can gracefully accommodate large gatherings of friends and family. Two 1/2 wheels of cheese (or rectangular pieces of cheese) can alternately be placed under the heating unit. Thus one wheel is melting while the other is being scrapped by a knife onto a prepared plate. (Approximately 45-60 servings per hour.) Features include an elevating and lowering system, which allows for the cheese to be moved the preferred distance from the heating unit.


£250 ono VAT Free

Professional Raclette Machine for sale
Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items