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Ingredient dispenser. Holds 5 separate ingredients, up to 25kg.
Container with 4 separate boxes with lid underneath

£150 +VAT ono

Ingredient dispenser for sale
| Quantity: 2
Hobart mixer, comes with 40 qrt and 80 qrt bowls, with beaters, whisks and dough hooks.

£350 +VAT ono

Mixer for sale
Mono Doughnut fryer. Single phase. Purchased from Brook food a few years ago as a spare but it was never needed, so is unused. It takes 15" X 18" doughnut trays. I have about 15 that can be purchased separately if needed

£500 +VAT ono

Doughnut fryer for sale
Sottoriva Pinner
Doesn't look it's best and is quite old now but is in good working order. Nothing wrong with it apart from how it looks

£200 +VAT ono

Pinner for sale
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
Esmach spiral mixer. Can take up to 40kg dough Weight.
2 years old, in very good condition

£2000 +VAT ono

Spiral mixer for sale
Kemper bread moulder.
Great moulder in great condition
Length 185cm
Width 60cn
Height 170cm
I have two different size plates for small and large loaves

£2500 +VAT ono

Bread moulder for sale
Rondo Seewer Dough Press.
It presses out dough or fat. Not much else to be said

£500 +VAT ono

Dough press for sale
Rondo automatic pastry break, with auto reel, flour dispenser and up to 50 programmable settings.
Width 360cm
Depth 110cm
Height 130cm

£3500 +VAT ono

Pastry break for sale
5 Rack retarder prover. 6 years old. In very good condition.
Not available until February. Anyone who would like to see it working can make an appointment via email

£3000 +VAT ono

Koma retarder for sale
24 tray, double depth Chandley oven. 4 high crown decks.
Built in steam via compressor.
Oven in good working order.
Width 180cm
Depth 210cm
Height 210cm
Comes with extraction hood

£2500 +VAT ono

Combi oven for sale
Record automat, in good working order, can take dough Weight up to 3250g

£500 +VAT ono

Record automat for sale
Record BDM. Looks untidy but is good working order. Can take dough Weight up to 2300g

£250 +VAT ono

Secondhand record automat
Used Buffalo Meat Slicer.
30cm Blade

£280 +VAT

Slicer for sale
Built in 2014, in great condition, fully working, last used in September 2018 and ready to hire today.
The bar units available are:- 3x 2.2m LED units - £850.00 + VAT per unit 4x 0.8m return sections - £450.00 + VAT per unit.
The serving counter top height at 1150mm and depth of 670mm.
Each bar unit can be hired separately or in any combination to create smaller or larger bars.
Each 2.2m unit is light weight enough to be carried by two people and the 0.8m returns by one. Dollies with castor wheels can also be used for one or two man delivery option.

£850 +VAT ono

7 Section Lightweight Aluminium Modular Bar System
| Quantity: 7
This Falcon Brat Pan is in excellent condition and it has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers

£1500 +VAT

Bratt pan for sale
This amazing 10 tap setup allows customers to pour their own drinks using prepaid (topup) cards, available from the bar.
On inserting their card the customer is asked to select whether they would like to pull a third, a half or a pint. The customer retains this card (and any credit), for use on their future visits.
We currently have the taps set up to serve Lager, Beer, Pimms and Prosecco. Very easy to change products / prices, images etc.

£3950 VAT Free ono

Self serve beer wall
New £2750 plus VAT. delivered.
This fantastic hog roaster can cook two 70 kilo pigs and 4 boned and rolled legs at the same time. Meaning you can easily serve 600 people from one cook. Once the top pig is raised you can continue using the bottom section to keep cooking. Therefore ensuring a constant supply of food. This makes it the most versatile hog roast machine available. Ideal for selling sandwiches at events, keeps the top pig warm and has hot sauce containers making it self sufficient, keep taking extra meat from the bottom whilst serving or just swap the pigs over once the top one is finished.

£2750 +VAT

Platinum Double Hog Roast with Viewing Window
500 x 500 x 650mm
Fully Refurbished
Supplied With 3 Months Part Warranty
Delivery Service Available

£325 including VAT

Bar back storage for sale
Ensure your customers chilled drinks stay chilled for longer with ice made from this top performing Hoshizaki ice machine. It features advanced design hygienic closed spray system reduces bacterial build-up with door gasket to prevent ice contamination and is capable of producing an impressive 95kg every 24 hours. This top quality ice machine includes a hygienic built-in storage bin with 50kg storage capacity. The modern and easy to use control panel enables fast and efficient operation and the removable door gasket prevents any heat and contaminants from entering the bin whilst making it easy to clean. Additionally each cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality of ice, protecting the integrity and flavour of your customer’s drinks. This top quality ice machine includes automatic rinse and flush cycles to ensure ice quality is of the highest standard possible for your customers.

£1450 +VAT

Ice machine for sale
Never used before Forni Cimav Commercial Pizza Oven
Requires a 3 phase electricity supply

£400 £200 VAT Free

Pizza oven for sale