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Dinner knives and forks
Large and small spoons

£1000 +VAT

Cutlery for sale
| Quantity: 3800
96 Covers - 672 Pieces. (Brand New) Over stocked - £325 plus VAT
  • 96 - Table Knives
  • 96 - Table Forks
  • 96 - Dessert Knives
  • 96 - Dessert Forks
  • 96 - Dessert Spoons
  • 96 - Soup Spoons
  • 96 - Tea Spoons

£325 +VAT

Kings Cutlery Pattern 18/0
4700 piece commercial quality kings pattern, stainless steel table cutlery 18/10
Dessert Forks
Soup spoons
Small coffee spoons
Dinner Forks
Dinner knifes

£1620 VAT Free

4700 Piece Kings Pattern, Stainless Steel Table Fork 18/10

£10 £8 VAT Free ono

Cutlery Tray

Size 25.5cm long by 6cm

Factory list price £4.95

Clearance price £0.95 each + VAT (min order 20pc)

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£0.95 +VAT

120x Viners Stainless Steel Cheese Slice - London
| Quantity: 120
As this pattern is no longer available and the amount we have is no longer enough for our purpose we are selling off our remaining stock.

£3500 including VAT

Used cutlery job lot for sale
Various Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware and Stainless Steel items for sale
Milk shake glasses, wine glasses, Campaign glasses
500x Plates, 200x Cutlery sets,
Stainless steel pots, jugs, bowls and trays

£600 including VAT

Crockery Cutlery/Glassware Stainless Steel
| Quantity: 100
Knife size 16cm long by 8cm
Factory list price £4.95
Clearance price £0.95 each + VAT (min order 20pc)

£0.95 +VAT

Table Knives
| Quantity: 300
Size 25.5cm long by 6cm
Factory list price £4.95
Clearance price £0.95 each + VAT (min order 20pc)

£0.95 +VAT

75x Viners Stainless Steel Slotted Cheese Slice
| Quantity: 75
Huge quantity of plastic cutlery
On last count -7000 x tea spoons, 2000 x dessert spoons black, 5000 x dessert spoons white, 4000 x knives, 2000 x forks.

Job lot for 50 quid

£50 +VAT

Disposable spoons in black
| Quantity: 20000
All the plates are plain white from Churchill Super Vitrified 'profile' range. These are in excellent condition and have been used in a private hire environment rather than full time catering.
The cutlery is produced by Arcoroc from their 'Vesca' range. Again in excellent condition.
The serving items are a mixture of Churchill and other good quality catering standard brands.
Comprises of 119x Plates, 120x bowls, 120x Cups, + Other items. All available as a whole or in two separate lots.

£2300 VAT Free ono

job lot crockery and cutlery
Churchill Crockery Job Lot:
Oval Dinner plates. Salad bowls, sandwiches plates. Dessert or pasta bowls, Cappuccino mugs with saucers, small cappuccino cups, teapots, coffee pots, milk jugs
Wedgewood expresso cups and saucers, Expresso cups and saucers
Glass Hot Chocolate Cup,
Glass Salt and pepper pots, Large beech pepper grinder Beech trays. 2 sizes, x 11
+ Lots More

£580 £400 VAT Free

Job lot of cafe crockery
| Quantity: 249
Colorado cutlery (set for 150 = 1200 bits)

£600 VAT Free

Colorado Cutlery (set for 200 = 1600 bits) - Oxfordshire
Made by Royal Monaco
  • New boxed in 12's
  • Good solid quality
  • Warehouse Clearance
  • 15,800 pc in stock
Price 8p each or buy the lot make a sensible offer (min order 600p)

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£0.06 +VAT

Plain Soup Spoon
Used coffee spoons good condition

£0.15 +VAT

500x Coffee Spoons - Berkshire
| Quantity: 500