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Dudson seconds crockery heavy duty simply the best with out a doubt..... Made in England
This crockery is new never used as we are a catering equipment supplier established in 1978.
*Dudson curved range
*Heavy duty hotel ware
*Dishwasher safe
*Oven proof
*Microwave safe


We have lots of Espresso/demitasse coffee cups and saucers for sale. They are a white base china with a silver line around the edge and are in a good condition. They were made in Stoke on Trent and are a hotel weight china so very strong.

£1 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 100
Dark, sturdy 8” Dudson bowls now rare find.hardly used.

£7 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 50
Lovely and sturdy 6.5” side plates from a discontinued and now vintage line.

£5.50 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 40
Lovely hard to come by Dudson Evo ribbed 8 inch large side plates.

£4.50 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 50
Not used - please note: warehouse clearance for slow moving lines
Real value is £5k + VAT (min order 500pc or buy the lot)
Buy 1857 pc for £1399 +VAT (works out to be £0.75p each)

£1399 +VAT

| Quantity: 1857
Dudson Crockery Bestware
Tapa Camelot
15” triangular plate Brown
RRP £29.95 each
New £9.95 each

£9.95 +VAT each

| Quantity: 50
Tognana Italy
91 x White 12" Plates

£195 +VAT

| Quantity: 90
7 Boxes used Martini Glasses.
247 ml size.
84 Glasses in total

£150 +VAT

| Quantity: 84
Classic plain white crockery
Slight seconds
Hotel ware
Oven proof & dishwasher safe
Special offer price

£2.99 +VAT

Dudson Seconds Solaris Slight Seconds - London Made in England
Solaris dinner plate 6"1/4, Solaris dinner plate 9", Solaris dinner plate 10" Solaris dinner plate 10"1/4, Solaris dinner plate 11"1/4 ,
Pasta Plate 8" 3/4, Pasta Plate 10"3/4 Pasta Plate 12", Pasta Plate 12" 1/2
Prices from £2.05 to £7.68

From £2.05 +VAT each

| Quantity: 10240
New Bowls
Old warehouse stock / clearance
13.5cm diam x 5cm tall
Capacity 44cl
3plw587x code

£2.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 300
Dudson best ovals
15” classic round
Best in a box
Dudson ovals heavy duty
£29.95 each list price
£14.95 each bargain grab it while it last

£14.95 +VAT

500 PLACE SETTINGS will split place settings.
Caterer / Restaurant / Village Hall A great start up package or additional service ware.
Why hire when you could guarantee to always have your own.

£8 VAT Free ono

| Quantity: 500
We have 90 white chair covers for sale as a job lot which fit standard banqueting chairs (we have had the tops tailored to fit better). All are in good condition having only been used on a couple of occasions.

£250 £200 inc. VAT ono

| Quantity: 90
All new stock special web offer only!!
11mm wide x 5.5mm height
List price £3.88 each Now £1.50 each
500 pc in stock

£1.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 500
51 x 70" x 70“ Diameter Round White
10 x 108” x 108”. Diameter Round White
6 x 54” x 90” Oblong White
1 x 90” x 90” Round Black
7 x 54” x 54” Round Blue
6 x 45’ x 45”. Round Blue
55 x 22’ x 22’. Square Napkins. Blue

£400 VAT Free

161 x Red wine glasses
250 x Blue Wine Glasses
150 x Blue Highball Glasses
180 x Green Highball Glasses
353 x Red Highball Glasses
15% discount of the total price if you take everything.

£0.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 1094
Performance ranges oval plates , rectangular, squares and plenty more items available
Terramesa mustard and Olive
The Steelite Terramesa crockery collection offers an unrivalled combination of value, durability and great presentation with the proven reputation of the Steelite manufacturing process. The range comprises smart, functional and affordable pieces in a variety of designs that are easily able to withstand the trials of daily use.


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