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With a robust stainless steel design this powerful deep fat fryer from Buffalo is a great solution for small to medium sized food service locations. The large 5 litre frying tank is ideal for producing delicious and crispy fish, chips, chicken or doughnuts and once service is over the tank is easily removed for draining and cleaning. The Buffalo fryer also features a handy adjustable thermostat which allows precise temperature control for the best results, as well as an automatic thermal safety cut-off for safety - easily reset using the top-mounted button.

£75 +VAT

Used but perfect working condition
Infernus twin tank Natural Gas fryer

£900 VAT Free

PITCO Fryer (Stainless Steel).

£900 VAT Free ono

Electrolux 3 Phase 2 Basket Fryer
Good Working Order

£750 VAT Free

Used FriFri Basic 411 Fryer. Electronic thermocouple control maintains oil temperature to +/- 1°C giving improved food quality and extended oil life.
Two high temperature cut outs for additional safety
Temperature range of 150 to 190°C set by rotary control knob in increments of 5°C for greater cooking accuracy. Additional temperature control between 80 and 140°C

£850 +VAT

Regulation thermostat (0 – 180°C) with precise bulb
Basket included & lid
12 Litre Capacity
22kg/hour Output
Dimensions 350w x 470d x 350h


Pitco LPG fryer

£700 VAT Free

Twin Basket Valentine 3 Phase Fryer

£700 VAT Free

£400 VAT Free

Used Buffalo L490 Fryer. Whether you're frying fish or French fries, the Buffalo heavy duty fryer is the ideal solution for heavy duty, everyday use. With a powerful 2.8kW elements and robust stainless steel construction throughout, the Buffalo is a reliable addition to restaurants, cafés, kiosks and more. The built-in dial temperature control and digital timer ensures you can cook food just how your customers want it - deliciously crispy and golden.

£150 +VAT

Provide your customers with perfectly fried products such as chips, onion rings, fried chicken and much more with this top quality free standing fryer by Angelo Po. It has a large capacity tank and comes complete with two wire mesh baskets which make it perfect for use within the most demanding food service locations.

£895 £850 +VAT

This twin tank fryer by Valentine is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. The independently controlled tanks allows you to easily separate cooking oils which enables you to have a tank for vegetarian cooking and none vegetarian cooking side by side. The fryer comes fully complete with two baskets and a lid which folds and stores in the door. Additionally this highly versatile fryer is effectively two individual fryers in one standalone unit with its own controls which during quitter periods one half can be turned off to help conserve energy consumption reducing oil costs.

£1750 +VAT

Floor standing twin tank
3 Phase
In very good condition

£800 VAT Free

To clear falcon fryer good working order

£350 VAT Free

Frymaster 3 phase twin well twin basket fryer was removed working

£750 £500 inc. VAT

Ensure your customers have all the fried foods they desire cooked to perfection within this quality single tank double fryer. It has a large capacity tank which allows you to fry multiple portions at a time. The two baskets allows for staggered cooking or multiple products being cooked at the same time making it perfect for any demanding kitchen.

£725 +VAT

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