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Great opportunity to purchase 2x hot units and 1 x cold unit.
In fantastic condition and working condition.
All units on wheels.
All units run on single phase electric.
All units have independent controls.
This is a full set up, tried tested and ready to serve.

£1950 VAT Free

Cold counter for sale
Gastronorm Pan 1/1 size
Majority of depths - 100mm
And a few with larger than 100mm

£7 including VAT

Gastro Pans for sale
| Quantity: 40

Sold Job Lot Gastronorm Containers - North London

Price: £900 VAT Free
Job Lot Gastronorm Containers
Stainless Steel - VOGUE
45 x 1/1 GN 150mm deep
10 x 1/1 GN 200mm deep
15 x 1/1 x 65mm deep
3 x ½ GN x 150mm deep
3 x ½ GN Lids
Some were never used and still in original wrapping

Cost £1300, for sale for £900 the lot

£900 VAT Free

Job Lot Gastronorm Containers
6 Deep Gastronorm Pans
24 shallow Gastronorm Pans
Available after 20 July
Click on this link to see the full listing and contact details

£5 +VAT

30x Gastronorm Half Size Pans
| Quantity: 30
Vogue Gastronorm Stainless Steel Pots:
  • 2x 2/3 square tubs – 200ml deep
  • 2 x 1/3 rectangle tubs – 200ml deep
  • 4x 1/4 Rectangle tubs – 200ml deep
  • 2x 1/6 square tubs – 200ml deep
  • 5x 1/9 small pots – 100ml deep

£100 ono VAT Free

Vogue Gastronorm Stainless Steel Pots and Lids
Kuvet stainless steel 2/3 gastronorm inserts

36cmW x 33cmD x 20cmH

Several available

£20 +VAT

Deep 2/3 Gastronorms

Sold Polycarbonate Gastronorm Pans - London

Price: £1.25 +VAT
polycarbonate gastronorms
All new
Warehouse clearance
Limited offer only once stock has been sold back to normal price
  • Durable poly-carbonate
  • Made by nsf
  • Tep -40c + 100c
Can be used in fridges or freezer
Also in hot bain marie

£1.25 +VAT

polycarbonate gastronorms

Sold Job Lot of Blanco Containers

Price: £4 +VAT
bianco containers
There are approximately 350 lids of various sizes including 1/9, 1/3, 1/1, 2/3
All the containers and manufactured by Blanco, Germany
From £4 per container

£4 +VAT

bianco containers
| Quantity: 350

Sold 18x 1/6 Plastic Gastronorm

Price: £70 VAT Free
Polycarbonate Gastronorm
18 x 1/6 plastic gastronome trays , 100mm deep

£70 VAT Free

Polycarbonate Gastronorm
Kuvet stainless steel 2/1 gastronorm inserts

65cmW x 53cmD x 20cmH

Several available

£35 +VAT

Deep 2/1 Gastronorms
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items