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Quality stainless steel shelving unit ideal for any commercial kitchen for storage is needed.

£175 +VAT

Shelving for sale
Robust free standing veg rack with removable bottom drawer
Used but as new

£100 £50 +VAT ono

Moffat Vegetable Rack
Used Aluminium Bakery Trolley.
Holds 8 x trays 33 x 70cm

£40 +VAT

Bakery trolley
In the food service industry, hotels and the catering industry, things can get hectic during rush hours: day in, day out, huge numbers of dishes need to be transported. As quickly as possible.

£150 +VAT

Serving trolley
| Quantity: 47
Used Stainless Steel 5 Tier Shelves.
5 Tier
Fully welded
Adjustable feet

£210 +VAT

Shelves for sale
Used NSF Aluminium Bakery Trolley.
Holds 8 x trays 33 x 70cm
Aluminium frame

£60 +VAT

Rack for sale
Used 4 Tier Rack.
4 Tier Chrome rack
Adjustable feet

£120 +VAT

Storage rack for sale
Quality stainless steel stand perfect for placing large appliances such as convection ovens on top with undercounter shelfs for storage.
Height: 545mm
Width: 910mm
Depth: 605mm

£110 +VAT

0.9m Stainless Steel Stand
his stainless steel sink features an undercounter shelf and racking slots for trays etc.
Height: 990mm
Worktop Height: 950mm
Width: 1400mm
Depth: 650mm

£225 +VAT

Single sink with rack
Used Stainless Steel Table.
Holds 12 x trays 51 x 57cm
Adjustable feet

£190 +VAT

Stainless steel table with cooling racks
Stainless Steel Stand. On Castors 40cmW x 46cmD x 89cmH

£40 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Stand For Sale
Used Fermod Fridge Rack.
2 x Bays
4 x Shelves
Adjustable feet

£240 +VAT

Secondhand food safe shelves
Clearing Trolley. Holds 24 x trays 48 x 34cm

£50 +VAT

Clearing Trolley for sale
Used Fermod Fridge Rack. 2 x Bays
3 x Shelves
Adjustable feet
260cmW x 56cmD x 169cmH

£280 +VAT

Walk in fridge shelves
Used Fermod Fridge Rack. 3 x Bays
3x Shelves
Adjustable feet
340cmW x 56cmD x 169cmH

£330 including VAT

Used Fermod  Fridge Rack