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Bread Slicers   •    Loaf Tins and Baking Trays   •    Pastry Sheeters
This extremely versatile piece of equipment is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. The solid stainless steel top allows you prepare dough prior to cooking and two drawers to store bakery tools and other utensils which are regularly used.
Perfect for bakeries this highly versatile piece of cooking equipment comes with a spacious oven which has a single wire rack oven shelf with three shelf positions which will help to provide a smooth and effortless service within your restaurant or hotel.
Ask today about conversions to LPG!

£750 +VAT

Job lot of 7 large yorkshire pudding or muffin trays. Each tray is the same shape and size and holds 6 separate portions.

£7 +VAT

| Quantity: 7
Tom Chandley twin oven in very good condition works all as it should only reason we can't use it is we don't have three phase at our new location but excellent oven there are many items pre programmed into the settings so literally plug n play for sausage rolls, cookies, pies and many more.
Tom Chandley twin TC5 5 tray bake off oven so five trays in each oven.
Has the feature of adding water to create steam for certain food products to get that bake off feel, so needs to be plumbed in if you want to use that feature.
It also has its own vent off mechanism fitted to the top so don't really need extractor.
Over £300 worth of trays I'll throw in at asking price.

£2700 VAT Free ono

Rational Mobile Oven rack Standard Version (10 slots)
Clearance item (Box Damaged)

£217.60 £199 +VAT

It is in full working order, and is in very good condition.

£590 £300 VAT Free ono

30” x 18” x 3”
Price is per tray

£6 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 20
13mm cut.
Good working condition

£495 VAT Free

40x Bakery Trays for Restaurant Coffee Shop Bakery

£10 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 40
Used Breading Draining Table.
Single door
Upstand 30cm
Draining rack
Adjustable feet

£250 +VAT

Williams Crystal Two Door Retarder Cabinet RC2T
For bakeries that need extra refrigerated storage capacity, the two door Crystal C2T holds up to forty 18’ x 30’ bakery trays.
Model: RC2T R290
Serial No - 831922
Quantity: 1
Grade B
B grade stock items are brand new with possible slight dents / scratches but in excellent condition!!

£2950 +VAT

New B Grade Dynamic TB002 DN669 Stick Blender. The Dynamic Gigamix Mixer Variable Speed is even more advanced than our original model - with a range of variable speeds up to 4000 RPM, it is specially designed for heavy duty, high volume mixing. The impressive size accommodates for its 400 litre capacity and the variable speed option for greater flexibility. The Gigamix mixer also features an exceptionally sturdy, stainless steel construction which is highly robust and effortless to clean. Its heavy duty locking castors mean that although it is easy and safe to transport, it is also safe and secure when in operation, and its overall design means it is highly convenient to store. Ideal for use in commercial catering environments such as restaurants, canteens and hotels.

£2950 +VAT

This Vulcan bakers oven is an essential piece of equipment for your restaurant or bistro. The oven comes complete with two adjustable shelves and easy to use controls. This versatile oven allows you to use the stainless top for dough and pastry making and even table top equipment such as fryers, griddles alike. No demanding kitchen is complete without a quality oven such as this.

£595 +VAT

Williams - Crystal Bakery Modular Fridge Storage with 40 Trays Capacity
Model: HMC2T
Condition: B Grade
Flat pack new on a pallet

£3999 £2999 +VAT

In Full working order cleaned and tested, This automatic bread slicer gives a 10mm slice thickness and will slice up to 200 loaves per hour,

£950 +VAT

£999 £700 VAT Free

Brand New Imettos 7L Mixer. Built with a full-metal construction, the durable and timelessly designed iMettos Stand Mixer in Café Latte cream gives you the power and control to get professional results in your kitchen. It does the hard work for you, churning ingredients as if you were mixing by hand, but more thoroughly and much quicker.
The smooth, rounded tilt-head design combines elegance with practicality. Simply lift it up and out of the way when you need to move the bowl or change attachment and click it back into place after. This simple design makes the mixer easy to clean.

£425 +VAT

Heavy-duty bread basket trolley,
Weight 4.5kg
Roto moulded heavy-duty food grade

£45 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 70
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