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Bread Slicers   •    Pastry Sheeters
In Full working order cleaned and tested, This automatic bread slicer gives a 10mm slice thickness and will slice up to 200 loaves per hour,

£950 +VAT

Used Vogue K339 Patisserie Baking Tray X 4. Take pride in your pastries? This patisserie tray from Vogue is here to help - it has a Teflon Platinum non-stick coating that makes it easier than ever to slide your baked treats off the tray without ripping or damaging them. Inclined edges will keep your food secure on the tray while in the oven, but also make it easier when it comes to transferring to a cooling rack or display stand. Made from a strong and durable aluminium, the tray is a tried and trusted choice for busy commercial kitchens.

£32 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
Electric bread oven

£999 £700 +VAT

Mono 5 Deck Modular Oven
Used oven (approximately 10 years old) originally used in Sainsburys. Has loads of programmable methods and all control panels and decks all function. One deck has a crack which has been repaired with fire cement but the rear has now started to deteriorate - it still works fine but takes that bit longer to reach full temperature. Other 4 decks are fine. Really good oven.

£1000 +VAT ono

Brand New Imettos 7L Mixer. Built with a full-metal construction, the durable and timelessly designed iMettos Stand Mixer in Café Latte cream gives you the power and control to get professional results in your kitchen. It does the hard work for you, churning ingredients as if you were mixing by hand, but more thoroughly and much quicker.
The smooth, rounded tilt-head design combines elegance with practicality. Simply lift it up and out of the way when you need to move the bowl or change attachment and click it back into place after. This simple design makes the mixer easy to clean.

£425 +VAT

Stoppil thermostatic mixing water meter.

Good Condition

Removed from a working bakery

£1200 VAT Free

New GGF Pizza Dough Roller with foot pedal enables you to roll 10”-16”pizza bases quickly and accurately.
Built by GGF, one of the best Italian manufacturers of pizza equipment.

£680 +VAT

Heavy-duty bread basket trolley,
Weight 4.5kg
Roto moulded heavy-duty food grade

£45 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 70
Stack and next tray with bale arms in black.
Food grade.

Dims 762x 508x 216mm

£5 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 1000
Surplus to requirements now as we no longer have a baker. Ideal for use in a bakery or food premises. In fully working order.

£750 £675 +VAT

New B Grade Vollrath Stainless Steel Baking Tray X 5. 5 X Baking Trays

£60 +VAT

New B Grade Matfer 311119 Baguette Baking Tray X 5. 5 X Baking Trays
Special crimped aluminium alloy which prevents dough from sticking and improves the aspect of the crust. Resists freezing, heating, high humidity, fermentation, yeast and salt. Excellent heat conductive material. Black anodised for better heat absorption. Use for controlled fermentation chamber and freezing chambers. Easy to store due to its stackability. No re-treatment needed, only slight and regular greasing.
Length 25 1/2”, Width 17”, weight 2 lbs. 13 oz.

£60 +VAT

Quality dough rolling machine has been created to solve all your dough shaping problems for pizza, bread and cakes. The thickness is adjustable, allowing you to customise the thickness to your liking. This will make shaping dough more practical and easier than you ever thought possible.
Please note: All new stock comes with a 12 month warranty parts & labour.

£650 +VAT

10-litre tabletop fork mixer
By Santos
Used for artisan bread
The typical French mixer for French-style bread. Still in box unopened

£900 £810 inc. VAT

£100 +VAT ono

| Quantity: 2
100+ Hole punched tray insert with 45 holes. Hole diameter 63mm. To fit the 762mm x 457mm trays (Reasonable condition)

£1 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 100
Total of nine 3-loaf tin sets. Individual tins measure approx 220mm long x 110mm wide. Overall length of all 3 together is 460mm.

£3 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 9
Individual loaf tins measuring approx 180mm long x 110mm wide in varied condition. Approx 30 in reasonable / good condition
Approx 50 would need thorough clean / decarbonising

£1 +VAT each

| Quantity: 80
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