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Crepe Griddle

£60 £40 +VAT each

| Quantity: 4
Make delicious crepes with this roller grill double plate crepe maker, powered by electric and featuring two 400m cast iron plates providing good heat retention and a smooth, hard wearing cooking surface ensuring even cooking with minimal fat and no pre-seasoning required. With its simple design you get fantastic precision and control over the cooking process. The cast iron plate isn't just great for making delicious golden crepes but also chapatti, blinis and more.

£375 +VAT

This Crepe Maker twin crepe machine has been designed with star shaped burners meaning it distributes heat evenly, which is essential in order to make the perfect crêpe. The plate is made from smooth hard enamel which is easy to clean and heat uptime is only 10 minutes.
Model CM-2

£286 £275 +VAT

Your customers will enjoy freshly made traditional crepes made with this compact crepe maker. It features an enamelled cast iron plate which ensures even cooking with minimal fat and no pre-seasoning required. The crepe maker has a powerful spiral element with easy to use thermostat and pilot light which makes it effortless to use.

£225 +VAT

£250 £225 VAT Free

£100 VAT Free

This items have been SOLD thanks to this fab web site!!!

£500 inc. VAT

£120 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 4
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