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Heavy Duty Gastro and Pans
Clean and tidy ready to use Gastro pan stainless steel
Selling as parcel job lot only
Bargain - Cost per unit £4 each only!

£380 +VAT

Job Lot Heavy Duty Gastro and Pans
| Quantity: 95
New 6 stock pot set. 20 Ltr. 16 Ltr. 14 Ltr. 12 Ltr. 11 Ltr. 9 Ltr.
All complete with lids.
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£260 +VAT

New 6 Stock Pot Set (4947)

32x Commercial Pots & Pans - Kent

Price: £250 VAT Free
Commercial Pots & Pans
A great bunch of pots and pans for sale. These totalled up to £710.96 when purchased new!
They have served us well but as we are moving premises we unfortunately need to sell them.

£250 VAT Free

Commercial Pots & Pans
| Quantity: 32
For sale are our used Vogue aluminium baking trays. They have good signs of wear and tear. The reason for us selling is that we have got bigger trays to use now.
Not dishwasher safe
Dimensions: 610mm x 455mm x 40mm
We have 20 for sale, ideally all to be sold at once. Very open to offers as we no longer need them.
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£8 ono VAT Free

Baking Trays
| Quantity: 20

£15 VAT Free

GN 1/1 Stainless Trays 65mm Deep
| Quantity: 3
Only used once for Vegetarian cooking!
Retail price £59.99
Available individually or in bulk.
33 x 32.8 x 24.8 cm Diameter - 30 centimeters Capacity - 16 liters
Sutable for induction cookers

£20 VAT Free

30cm stock pot
| Quantity: 50
Heavy, quality feel.
Bought from Genware in June and have done a summer pop up serving gumbo in them.
All in good condition.
Keep the heat really well.

£500 ono VAT Free

90x Cast Iron Casserole Pots 10X6cm
| Quantity: 90
Approx 40 of each size
Indian style copper and steel kadhai bowls with handles
New price large £8 small £6
Open to offers


kadhai bowls
| Quantity: 80
Combination Oven Frying Basket Size: 1/1GN
Our Combination Oven Frying Basket allows large quantities of pre-fried products to be prepared all at the same time making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.
Allows heat to circulate for evenly.
It is also a great way to maintain a high output rate. It completely eliminates the cost of buying, storing and disposing of the fat for added convenience.
These baskets are compatible with Rational Combi Ovens.
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£20 +VAT

Combi Oven Fryer Baskets
| Quantity: 100

Baking Trays - York, Yorkshire

Price: £12.50 VAT Free
Baking Trays
Baking Trays, Bakers, Butchers
British made high quality aluminum
Brand new, still got protective film on
12 available
Size 600mm x 400mm x 10mm
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£12.50 VAT Free

Baking Trays
| Quantity: 12

Sold Tray Bake Tins

Price: £6.50 +VAT
Tray Bake Tins
  • Tray Bake Tins {Stainless steel} complete with lids x 6 made by Bourgeat
    Sizes - 20{H} x 325{W} x 530{D} Have been used but in good condition
    £12 per tin or £60.00 for all 6 trays
  • Tray Bake Aluminium Tray Bake tins complete with Lids x 3
    Sizes - 27[L] x21{W} x 4{D} Used tins but have plenty of life left in them
    £6.50 per tin complete with lids or £15.00 for all 3 trays

£6.50 +VAT

Tray Bake Tins
98 black oblong c-pet food trays 17cm x 12.5 cm suitable freezer, oven & microwave

200 white oblong c-pet food trays 22.5cm x 17.5cm suitable freezer, oven & microwave

£15 +VAT

Quantity C-Pet Food Trays
Brand new aluminium stock pots.

14Ltr. 12Ltr. 11Ltr. 9Ltr.

All complete with new lids.

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£90 +VAT

Brand New Aluminium Stock Pots

30x Pudding Bowls - West Midlands

Price: £0.30 VAT Free
Pudding cups for sale
Individual metal pudding cups for making various desserts.

Sold as one lot.

£0.30 VAT Free

Pudding cups for sale
| Quantity: 30
1 x Stainless Steel Chafing Set (missing 65mm pan, lid & one fuel holder).
3 x S/Steel Chafing Set Complete with stand 2 pans, lid & 2 fuel holders.

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£41.50 +VAT

Stainless Steel Chafing Sets

Sold Ham Miser / Boiler - Buckinghamshire

Price: £1100 £900 +VAT ono
C.P Rose Mk 10 Ham Miser.
C.P Rose Mk 10 Ham Miser.
Bought 3 weeks ago from a well reputed retailer but the power requirements cannot be met in our shop so we have to downscale :(
Very good piece of equipment in very good condition.
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£1100 £900 +VAT ono

C.P Rose Mk 10 Ham Miser.
Stainless steel polished
Dishwasher safe
Easy to clean
Suitable for all heat sources including induction.
In excellent condition - used only once

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£80 +VAT

Pressure Cooker
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