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In very good condition, 4 burners, stainless steel construction, GAS + 1phase electric
Dimensions H1100 x W565 x D655 weight 40KG

£350 VAT Free

Kebab machine for sale
| Quantity: 2
This smart electric breading table by Archway is essential for all fast food and take away establishments serving fried chicken. It provides a consistently even distribution of seasonings, breading and most importantly the removal of ‘dough balls’.
Constructed using top quality stainless steel, it is hygienic, durable and cost effective. The integrated workstation reduces the labour requirements for critical food preparation whilst reducing the cost of ownership and enhancing food quality, improving the sifting efficiency.

£650 +VAT

Breading table for sale
In perfect working order, fully tested by our qualified engineers, in good condition, 4 burners, stainless steel construction, Nat gas 12kw, plus single phase connection

£350 +VAT

Kebab machine
Shown above is a virtually new 3 Phase GR60 E state of the art Kebab Grill.

£800 including VAT

Brand New Kebab Grill
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New complete knife set, made of stain-less steel for a more heavy-duty work. The knife (the handle) and the transformer come with a one year back-to-base warranty, Recommended for heavy, daily usage. Single phase power.
Comes complete.

£265 £165 +VAT

NEW Easycut Doner Kebab Cutter Machine Hand-Held Electric Knife 2.0
Roller Grill - Donner Grill
Model: GR80E
List Price: £1,180

£499 £450 +VAT

Roller Grill
Gr40 Roller grill, removed from catering trailer because they have converted to gas, very little use and in full working order.

£500 VAT Free

Used kebab machine for sale
A double rotary grill for cooking kebabs. With two grills you can cook two types of meat at the same time or double up on popular products for regular supply of meat.

£500 including VAT ono

Double Kebab Rotary Grill
Electric Doner/Shawarma Kebab Cutter Machine. It has been used but only couple of months. It is really good condition. For Restaurants and Takeaway. Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel. The circular blade rotates by foot pump and slices kebab meat into perfect serving sizes.
Operated by foot pedal on/off control.
Safe and easy to operate.
Stainless steel construction.

£195 VAT Free

Electric Doner / Shawarma Kebab Slicer
I bought this donner slicers a couple of weeks ago, however, I have only used it twice.

It is in perfect condition, I bought it new.

£50 +VAT

Kebab slicer for sale
Thanks, very good website

£300 £250 VAT Free

Kebab Machine - Doncaster

£250 VAT Free ono

Kebab Knife