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In good clean working order. Gas connection is on the right-hand side if your looking at it from the front.

£295 inc. VAT

Salamander grill
Solid 12mm thick machined steel plate ensures even heat distribution & excellent heat retention. Fully-welded plates eliminate dirt traps. High and Low heat settings for controlled cooking Piezo ignition and flame failure device for convenient and asfe operation

£550 +VAT

Griddle for sale
The 600 GR3/P LPG salamander grill is a must-have for any fast-paced commercial kitchen where space is at a premium. Featuring powerful ceramic plaque burners, the grill guarantees rapid heat up times, speeding up your cooking process to help you meet demand during busy services. Finish - external Stainless steel Output 42 burgers/hr, 24 steaks/hr, 108 toast slices/hr 1/2" male gas connection Powerful ceramic plaque burners Vitreous enamelled interior and hood for cleaning Cool to touch handles

£275 +VAT

Grill for sale
Used Buffalo GJ456 Double Contact Panini Grill. Take complete control over your grilling with the professional Bistro double contact grill from Buffalo. Powerful and reliable, the independently controlled plates give you all the flexibility you need to get the results you want. Whether you're cooking a delicious breakfast or something more exotic, the Buffalo is the ideal choice for everyday cooking of panini, steaks, fish and much more.

£180 +VAT

Used Buffalo GJ456 Double Contact Panini Grill	(9349)
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British made
High quality stainless steel
Fat drainage drawer
Automatic flame failure device and fitted with piezo ignition
Comes on a heavy duty stand

£500 +VAT

Parry UGC8 Heavy Duty Gas Chargrill
Good clean working order, comes with wall hung frame.

£395 inc. VAT

Grill for sale
Lincat Chrome Griddle fully cleaned and tested.
900mm wide x 730mm deep
Cooking space 810mm x 470mm

£600 £550 +VAT

Lincat Chrome Griddle LPG GAS On stand
GS6/T - Silverlink 600 Electric Counter-top Griddle
Steel Plate - Twin Zone - W 600 mm - 4.0 kW

£245 +VAT

Silverlink 600 GS6/T Electric Counter Top Griddle
For Chicken or Meat/Fish - for meat/fish model.
Inner cooking chamber is lined with high density firebricks - retains heat and long lasting.

£650 +VAT

Grelhaco WG125  Charcoal chargrill
The heavy duty, hard chrome Lincat Silverlink 600 Chrome Electric Griddle GS6C/T features a chrome covered dual heat zone which is thermostatically and independently controlled.
4 months old - We don't use it in our service, so very little used.

£600 +VAT

Chrome griddle duel zone
This contact grill is made by the resound Roller Grill company.
Ideal for cooking paninis, burgers, stakes, chicken, shrimps, Vegetables, bacon, sausages, etc
In good working order, has some surface rust on plates / nothing that won't clean off quickly.
As used in cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

£275 £175 VAT Free each

Roller Grill Contact Grills
| Quantity: 2
Double Roller Grill panini machine, flat bottom plates, ribbed top, 2 x 13amp plugs, in good working order.

£450 £275 VAT Free

Double Contact Grill
This quality hot dog roller grill by FKI is the ultimate machine for cooking large quantities of sausages with ease, the rotating Teflon coated rollers turns the sausages automatically ensuring even and consistent cooking results. It comes complete with adjustable temperature controls which give you full control of the cooking process whilst the glass sneeze guard ensures the hygienic service of hotdogs for your customers to enjoy.

£350 +VAT

Hot dog grill for sale
Used Buffalo GF452 Salamander Grill. The Buffalo salamander grill is a highly durable and flexible addition to the professional kitchen. With powerful 2.8kW metal elements and variable heat control, you can rely on the Buffalo to heat up quickly and grill your food to perfection every time. The built-in waste collection tray and removable upper and lower splash guards make cleaning the grill fast and easy - perfect for caterers with limited time and space.

£130 +VAT

Used Buffalo GF452 Salamander Grill (9300)
Blue Seal Evolution G570-N Natural Gas Target Top Oven in good working condition!

£500 +VAT ono

Flat top grill
Designed for optimal performance, efficiency and functionality, the Falcon Dominator Plus G3532 gas grill is an essential for any fast-paced commercial catering environment. Featuring an exceptionally powerful burner system, the grill boasts outstanding heat-up speeds, allowing you to achieve grilling perfection in no time at all. Made with variable heat settings, the unit enables you to reduce your energy usage when full heat is not required, helping to decrease your total overheads. With five-position shelf runners, the grill also gives you precise control over how you cook, making flashing, finishing and browning an effortless task. A removable drip tray and stainless steel exterior also make the grill incredibly easy to clean and immensely robust, helping you maintain its superb quality for an age.

£495 inc. VAT

grill for sale
Roller grill Hot dog roller Holds 11
B grade stock brand new
545w x 320d x 240h
Chrome plated
13amp plug in 1.4kw
List price £1120
New stock ex display

£399 +VAT

B Grade hot dog machine
Roller grill uk
Panini ft flat top & bottom
Ex exhibition panini machine used very little good condition test working fine
Size : 43 wide by 38 deep
13amp plug in

£250 +VAT

Flat Contact Grill
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