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Bain Marie Double Pot   •    Bain Marie With Three Pots  •    Bain Marie Four Pot  •    Bain Marie with Many Pots   

Wet well,
90cm x 90cm,
Used once on stand

£395 VAT Free

Keep your sauces, soups and gravy at the ideal serving temperature with this wet heat bain marie by Lincat which can accommodate up to 4 x 1/4 100mm deep gastronome containers. Designed to plug in and play the bain marie is highly portable and can be brought out as and when it's required, making it perfect for use within the smallest of kitchen spaces and even event catering. The wet heat method of this bain Marie makes it gentler on delicate foods preventing them from drying out. However, it can also be used as a dry heat bain Marie which makes it a versatile piece of equipment perfect for your kitchen.

£110 +VAT

Suitable for take away businesses
iMettos Bain Marie Wet Heat Depth 150mm with Drain Tap
GN1/1 165/205mm depth

£125 +VAT

Two Porringer / Bain Marie

£90 VAT Free

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£75 VAT Free

New RM Gastro BM30EL Electric Wet Bain Marie. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel top, AISI 430 in a case of 0.8 mm. Heating element from AISI 309 placed below the basin. The discharge valve (ball - form) is placed in front. Thermostat for proper regulation 30-110 C safety thermostat against damage to the device 130 C. GN Gastrornorms also available but need to be ordered as an extra for Bain Maries.

£195 +VAT

£50 VAT Free ono

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