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Bain Marie Double Pot   •    Bain Marie With Three Pots  •    Bain Marie Four Pot  •    Bain Marie with Many Pots   

The Buffalo bain marie is perfect for hot holding all sorts of food, from carvery-style vegetables to baked beans, curry, chilli and more.
By using a gentle water bath warming mechanism, food is kept warm without burning for extended periods.
Operation couldn’t be easier – simply fill the water compartment, set the temperature and switch on.

£70 +VAT

Add practical heating to your table tops, with the electric chafing dish from Olympia. The dish doesn’t use flammable chafing fuel, making it safer for use around children and reducing the risk of an accident around hot food.

The chafing dish uses wet heat and has an adjustable temperature controller so your food doesn’t overcook during use – giving guests professional dishes with every service.

£90 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
2 Lincat BM7W.
One is in slightly newer condition and one in slightly older condition.
Both of them are completely fully functionable and working order.
The newer one was used a backup to the one which is visibly older and thus only used a handful of times at events etc. (I have labelled this one ‘B’ in the photos)
The older one will look new with a bit limescale remover. We were using it perfectly right up until we closed.

From £120 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Hatco heat max drop in heated well

£100 £90 VAT Free

Suitable for take away businesses
iMettos Bain Marie Wet Heat Depth 150mm with Drain Tap
GN1/1 165/205mm depth

£125 +VAT

We bought new before opening and we never used it. Only the glass cover is missing. we paid 2000 euros in Italy.

£550 inc. VAT

Two Porringer / Bain Marie

£90 VAT Free

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