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This countertop salamander features a smooth action and easy-lift grill hood making it ideal for grilling meats and vegetables and melting cheese topped dishes. It is height adjustable with height markings to ensure consistent results as well as being 1/1 GN compatible.
Brand: Lincat, : AS3

£350 +VAT

Electrolux Single tank electric fryer with easy to use features such as tilting heating elements inside the well to guarantee even heat distribution throughout the oil. Oil drainage via a tap with push and turn safety mechanism and an overheat safety thermostat. It comes complete with one basket and a lid.
Model: E7FRED1E00, Power: Three Phase

£495 +VAT

This Lincat electric oven range come complete with a fan assisted oven for even heat distribution and consistent cooking with high speed hot plates for rapid heat-up. The four large square hot plates maximise cooking area whilst the removable oven base, side and top liners make maintenance easy. It also comes with two shelves to provide maximum space within any busy kitchen.

£1195 +VAT

The Burco Commercial Convection Oven Bakes, roasts, holds and grills. This versatile oven is suitable for cooking a number of different foods including joints of meat, bakery products, vegetables and pizza. Taking up to 4 x 1/1 Gastronorm compatible to maximise space and make best use of the capacity.

£425 +VAT

This compact four ring oven range consists of two modular units by Lincat the four ring boiling top model: HT6 and the compact oven model: V6. The four ring boiling top has fully pressed and sealed hob tops for easy cleaning and has automatic power reduction when the pan boils dry or is removed which prolongs the hotplate life.

£625 +VAT

Bonnet precijet combi oven removed from a closed restaurant, not tested as no 3 phase, looks clean

£750 VAT Free

£60 +VAT

Used Buffalo J300 Rice Cooker 6L. If you need to steam bulk quantities of short or long grain rice, look no further than the Buffalo 6 litre commercial rice cooker. Designed for performance, efficiency and reliability, the cooker quickly creates deliciously fluffy rice and then keeps it warm and ready to serve for extended periods.

£90 +VAT

Used Rowlett DR071 6 Slot Toaster. The chic and super sleek Esprit collection takes both toasting and timeless style to a whole new level. A ravishingly retro design, the 6 slot toaster provides all the control and performance necessary for great results.

£80 +VAT

New B Grade Buffalo G791 Flat Griddle Table Top. If you're looking for a highly reliable, huge capacity professional griddle, the Buffalo extra wide could be the perfect appliance for your kitchen. Designed for heavy duty use, the Buffalo has everything you need to deliver a perfect service - from a powerful 2.9kW output to its independently controlled cooking zones, you have the flexibility and performance at your fingertips. Cleaning and maintenance is easy too, thanks to the built-in grease channel which drains into a handy removable fat collection drawer.

£180 +VAT

Brand New Infernus EGG-24SX Flat Griddle Heavy Duty. EGG-24SX Gas Countertop Griddle Dual Control is a perfect space saving commercial fry top for catering establishments in need of a griddle that is high power yet still relatively small. A steel cooking plate makes this professional griddle perfect for meat, bacon, fish, burgers, sausages, onions and also for fried eggs and omelettes etc.

£420 +VAT

Brand New Lincat ESLR9C 6 Plate Electric Range. Six hotplates and twin fan assisted oven for uniformed heat and consistent cooking
Automatic power reduction, if pan boils dry or is removed - prolonging hotplate life
Six-position control knob for each plate

£1500 +VAT

Brand New Lincat ESLR9C/SPH 6 Plate Electric Range. Six hotplates and twin fan assisted oven for uniformed heat and consistent cooking.
Automatic power reduction, if pan boils dry or is removed - prolonging hotplate life.

£1500 +VAT

Ex Demo Infernus P2PT Double Pizza Oven. This amazing stone base 2 door electric pizza baking oven cooks the perfect traditional pizza because of its stone bases. It’s perfect for using in places such as restaurants, snack bars, hotels.
It can hold 2 x 16 inch pizzas without pans.
It is easy to operate and provides you with quick heating, good thermal retention and low energy consumption. Perfect when it comes to saving your energy and money!

£310 +VAT

Used Angelo Po 1G1FR4GD Double Freestanding Fryer. Fryer made of AISI 304 stainless steel, 12/10 mm thickness top. Pressed wells, sealed into top, generously coved with large drain zone; each well delivered with 1 basket and 1 lid. Digital controls. Electronic circuit board for control and display temperature 0-190°C, melting and 100°C hold function programming, sound alarm. Heat exchange pipes inside the well. Piezo-electric ignition of the pilot light.

£950 +VAT

New B Grade Buffalo DF825 Single Induction Hob. With its strong stainless steel base and large capacity ceramic glass top, the Buffalo single zone induction hob is the perfect choice for the professional kitchen. Designed for everyday performance, the hob delivers an impressive 3kW of efficient power, meaning instant heat and rapid cooking. The built-in timer and ultra precise controls make the Buffalo induction hob simple to use and highly effective. As the hob is powered by a single 13A plug, it's also highly portable, making it ideal for mobile catering or demo cooking.

£80 +VAT

2 heated soup kettle in lower compartment
Pull out soup cup warmer holds 15 soup per shelf 3 shelf total (45 cups of soup)
Ideal for large outdoor events  
104D by 70CM W by 185H

£715 £200 +VAT

With a quick heat-up time and a solid top that can reach temperatures of up to 400°C, the Falcon Bullseye boiling top offers chefs flexibility, versatility and performance. It features a cast iron solid top and is supplied with a stand which provides additional storage space.

£550 +VAT

Provide your customers with perfectly roasted chickens cooked within this compact counter top rotisserie. It comes complete with three spits which each have two spikes to accommodate a total of up to 6 chickens. The rotisserie also has easy to use controls and glass doors which provide attractive viewing of the cooking process.

£895 +VAT

Perfect for the most demanding of eateries this single tank fryer by Fields & Pimblett is perfect for providing your customers with the top quality fried products they desire. It comes fully complete with two large volume wire mesh baskets. When the oil requires changing it drains into the removable tanks below which makes draining and cleaning easy. This smart fryer is perfect for hotels, large restaurants and even hospitals and schools.

£725 +VAT

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