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3x 2/1 Gastronorms with sealed lids
3x 1/1 Gastronorms with sealed lids
1x Mobile box with sliding Gastronorms ; Height: 555mm; Width: 420mm; Depth: 610mm
2x Mobile boxes with 1/1 Gastronorm container; Height: 300mm; Width: 360mm; Depth: 640mm
2x Metal boxes with three containers one with lid and one without; Height: 320mm; Width: 350mm; Depth: 550mm
3x round metal containers 2 small one large. Large: Height: 350mm Width: 350mm Depth: 350mm. Small: Height: 290mm Width: 270mm Depth: 270mm

£175 +VAT

Catering set for sale
6 stacking insulated gastro trolleys
Second hand but unused Rubbermaid trolleys

£200 +VAT ono

Rubbermaid Insulated Gastro Trolley
| Quantity: 6
Cambro - Beverage Dispenser, Insulated Plastic
Contains 4 3/4 Gal, Colour Coffee Beige
Product code 500LCD157
Ideal for searing hot and cold drinks front or back of house.

£55 VAT Free

Cambro - Beverage Dispenser
3x White Cambro carry box £50
1x Green Cambro carry box with handles £50
3x Green Cambro carry box £50
1x Grey square box £25
15x Wheeled bases £25
Prices Each

£50 +VAT

Food transport boxes
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Large, two compartment thermo box on wheels. This is a great piece of kit which will keep food hot for hours. It’s in great condition and has had very little use. Perfect for any catering business.

£200 VAT Free

Cambro hot cupboard/ Large thermo box/ hot box
Cambro Polycarbonate Plate Covers
  • 909CW - 248 x 70mm (Internal Diameter) 22 Dozen Available
  • 1101CW - 279 x 68mm (Internal Diameter) 16 Dozen Available
Keeps Hot Or Cold Food Protected And At A Safe Temperature.
Safe For Heated Carts up to 99 Degrees Centigrade.
Made Of Virtually Unbreakable Polycarbonate.
As New Condition. The boxes have been in storage and so are not in 100% condition but the product is brand new.

£3 £1.25 +VAT ono

Camwear Polycarbonate Camcovers 909CW and 1101CW
| Quantity: 456
Used Rubbermaid Catermax 100 Insulated Food Storage Unit Platinum Pair, one with wheels one without that stacks on top. Accepts: 6 GN 1/1 pans or 12 GN 1/2 pans or 18 GN 1/3 pans (GN pans 65mm deep)
Height: 151cm, Width: 47cm, Depth: 68cm

£395 VAT Free

Used Stacking Rubbermaid Catermax 100 Insulated Food Storage Unit Platinum Pair
| Quantity: 4

£375 +VAT ono

Heated box
| Quantity: 45
Thank you for your help with it, that is a couple of things I've sold really quickly on your website now.

£180 including VAT ono

Cambro Insulated Thermo Cart Trolley

£75 VAT Free

Icey-Tek cool box food transport
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