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(9767) New B Grade Grease Shield GS1850-D Grease Trap.

Fats, oils and grease are a major problem for any commercial kitchen; they can lead to high costs for drain treatment, disposal of waste oils and are a potential health hazard. The GreaseShield unit can solve this problem.

GreaseShield is a proactive grease trap designed to deal with emulsified and saturated animal fats and FOG’s, before they solidify.

The waste water produced by a kitchen can contain a huge amount of fat and grease build up causing major problems with blocked drains and long term issues with the drainage system, leading to long term costs to look after the drains in and around the building.

Installed at the point of waste exit (for example below a sink or next to a combination oven), the unit intercepts waste water and collects this grease and fat build up in a separate container, leaving the remainder of the water to exit to the mains waste.
This container can then be emptied daily into a larger container meaning disposal of this waste can be dealt with more easily and hygienically.

For any kitchen looking for long term management of fat and oil build up in their waste water then the GreaseShield is an ideal solution.

Full automatic PLC controlled to suit the customer
Automatically removes fats, oils and grease and food waste
Higher FOG removal than any other grease trap
No pumping required
No chemicals or enzymes required
No heating element, No risk of grease fire
Low running cost £12-£15 per year (depending on model and operation times)
Odour free
Compliance with local FOG discharge requirements: <100 ppm (typically <46 ppm)
Harvests a renewable energy
Vortex flow controller fitted as standard
Average power consumption /hour - 16.0 Watts

list price: £6,200.00

£850 +VAT

New B Grade Grease Shield GS1850-D Grease Trap
One Grease pak unit and one unused refill unit, pak was installed for a week and then the kitchen was closed, selling as used secondhand.
With one key, very clean and price includes postage with in the UK.

£250 £225 VAT Free

Grease pak
Biological dosing system. Ideal for any food business . No more drains getting blocked and paying hundreds . It's ideal for places that produce lots of grease .

£495 inc. VAT each

Grease guzzler for sale
| Quantity: 3
Under-sink grease trap and grease removal unit - 2.25 l/s Flow Rate.
Removable solids basket - Traps food waste and grease and removes grease with skimming programme.

£995 inc. VAT

Grease trap for sale
Grease Guzzler is a Bioreactor Biological system, which is a patented unit that pre-activates Bacteria with Nutrient.
Grease Guzzler was invented in 1992 by Ivan Yates, and has been successfully researched in many countries, to biodegrade FOG's in Grease Management systems. It maintains drains Fat free by building up a Biofilm inside the pipework for any size, length and distance. It prevents a build up of FOG's inside the pipework, making the distance that a Grease Trap can be situated, more optional.

£299 inc. VAT

Grease Guzzler
Prevent grease building up in a modern commerical kitchen by fitting "greasepak" from machine.
Use with or without a grease trap. This is a safe effective way that is environmentally.
Friendly. Biological drain maintenance system...

£295 inc. VAT

Grease trap for sale
Item number: E126
Unit: Mesh grease filters – for kitchen canopies
Make & model: Bespoke fabrication

£120 inc. VAT ono

Grease traps for sale
The Grease Guzzler® system is a biological alternative to a conventional grease trap.

Instead of trapping fat, oil and grease the Grease Guzzler® allows it to pass into the drain-line and then cleans the line biologically by injecting a solution of grease-digesting microbes at pre-programmed intervals.

£500 +VAT

Grease Guzzler - Kent
Reduce the chances of your drains becoming blocked with fats and grease with this grease guzzler system. It is easy to install and will break down grease, cooling oils and any animal fats by using naturally occurring micro-organisms which will reduce the fats oil and grease into sizes that will flow through the drains and prevent the drains from getting blocked.
Power: Single Phase

£495 +VAT

Greese Guzzler
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