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Meat Tenderiser

Also see Mincers, slicers, walk in fridges

Ital Meat Slicer
Model Stressa 220s
Designed for use in restaurants, fast food outlets, butchers, delicatessens

£400 £350 +VAT

Williams - 94 Ltrs Counter Fridge
Model: HWCD1
Condition: Grade B
List Price: £2,489
Now: £1,299

£1299 +VAT

XL 4 Drawer Fish Fridge Perfect Order

£700 VAT Free

The Buffalo CD277 meat slicer is renowned for its exceptional performance, at great value for money. This commercial meat slicer also has the ability to cut meat to a variety of thicknesses and can easily cut through ham, beef, poultry or vegetables. Featuring impressive cutting strength for large volumes of cooked and cold meats - perfect for deli counters, restaurants or farm shops. The food carriage is also mounted on ball bearings to ensure smooth gliding action and thickness is manually controlled with side dial. This meat slicer is clearly great quality, offering great performance and an excellent end product.

£195 +VAT

Foster Single Door Undermount Meat Fridge
List Price: £2,019
Now: £1,395 + VAT

£1395 £1295 +VAT

Foster 2 Door Undermount Meat Fridge
List Price: £2,312
Now: £1899 + VAT

£1899 +VAT

Hoshizaki FM-481AGE-N Ice Maker / Flaker Machine With Ice Bucket and Stand
This modular ice maker produces flake ice, which is often used for produce display of fish, fresh food and bottled beverages. In the medical field, flake ice is also used for organ transportation. Utilizing the most efficient ice making process due to the unique auger system, the water consumption is equal to the ice production. The main characteristic of Hoshizaki's flake ice is that Afreeze-burn is prevented when displaying fresh fish or produce.

£2200 £1800 +VAT

This counter top smoker is perfect for both hot and cold smoking of a wide range of meat and fish it has optimal air circulation with very rapid heating which allows you to smoke a wide range of items within minimal time. Produce can be cooked in their own juices without the addition of fat intern producing healthier smoked items.

£225 +VAT

The Commercial flywheel OMAS S9M is a high precision professional meat slicer, with advanced features and great aesthetic impact, it is a symbol of quality and craftsmanship which achieves perfect results in cutting the finest hams with the best ease of operation. The S9M is a partly automatic slicer, this enables the operator to offer customers the manual delicacy typical of the professional deli-shop without losing the support of very innovative technical solutions.

£2695.50 £2189 +VAT

Ford Transit van coach built into a mobile butchers or Fish mongers van.
A decent display area with a full size opening flap make a great feature to display your produce.
The unit has full electrics just needs a supply and has a mono block on board that keeps your produce very cold.
The Van is on a 52 2002 plate covering 186k miles with 7 months MOT still left.

£5000 VAT Free ono

Foster Single Door Undermount Fridge
List Price: £1,530
Now: £1,195 + VAT

£1399 +VAT

This multiplex refrigerated serve over display counter developed by Arneg provides excellent visibility of displayed products and will help you maximise sales. It features digital temperature displays, easy to use controls and internal lighting.
Also this unit features two Remote condensers which typically can save your business 30% to 50% of your monthly energy bills; it also comes complete with a rear marble worktop which is ideal for preparing products prior to sale and has spacious under storage which is accessed by doors at the rear of the counter.

£3495 £3249 +VAT

Used a handful of times - Like New Cost £6500 Plus VAT New
Tenderises meat up to thickness of 14 cm
Keeps original appearance and shape of the meat.
Very Rare

£3995 £2995 VAT Free ono

New B Grade Fama TS12 Mincer. High quality mincer from Fama, using high quality components including a stainless steel mincing group for longevity, together with stainless steel self-sharpening draw-plates. Made in Italy, this mincer is perfect for small to medium businesses or low to medium volume use, with throughput of 20 kg per hour.

£390 +VAT

This serve over counter is perfect for use within any busy butchers shop. It features a tiered display are which enables you to fully optimise the display of fresh products and attract customers. The front glass lifts up for easy cleaning or replacement of products ready for sale. Additionally, the counter has a solid granite worktop which is ideal for preparing foods and serving customers. The counter also has two storage drawers and two stainless holders which runs the full width of the counter and is ideal for storing utensils etc. with easy access for efficient service during busy periods.

£1795 +VAT

Large heavy duty table
Solid frame
Stainless Steel top
Ideal for butcher / factory workshop

£220 +VAT

Suitable for take away businesses
iMettos Meat Slicer Commercial
Meat Slicer 250mm
1 Year Manufacturers Parts & Labour Warranty back to base

£351.12 +VAT

This high quality commercial meat grinder by Berkel is ideal for use in any butchers shops and is capable of grinding a mixed range of meats. Features a bowl guard and comes complete with a meat stomper which is used to push meat into the bowl through the guard.

£650 +VAT

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