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Stainless steel pass-through dishwasher side table comes complete with an undercounter shelf and adjustable feet.

£85 +VAT

Quality stainless steel pass-through sink features a deep bowl complete with a spray arm and also features an undercounter shelf; Bowl Measurements: 560mm x 385mm; 245mm Deep
Height: 1230mm / 48 Inches
Width: 1135mm / 45 Inches
Depth: 745mm / 29 Inches

£275 +VAT

Used Stainless Dishwasher Table.
Holds 4 x 500mm Dishwasher baskets
Adjustable feet

£120 +VAT

This dishwasher bench comes with basket rack which can accomodate 500x500mm baskets.
Height: 895mm / 35 Inches
Width: 1200mm / 47 Inches
Depth: 590mm / 23 Inches

£150 +VAT

Quality stainless steel dishwasher table features an undercounter shelf and comes complete with adjustable feet.

£175 +VAT

Used Stainless Dishwasher Table.
Space below 69 X 72 X 84cm
Holds 4 x 500mm Dishwasher baskets
New adjustable feet

£150 +VAT

Used Stainless Dishwasher Table. Castors at one end and adjustable feet at the other.
Space below for appliances
172cmW x 63cmD x 98cmH

£100 +VAT

Used Double Sink.
Single bowl 60 X 45 X 28cm
Left drainer, Shelf,
Holds 4 x 500mm dishwasher baskets
Space below for appliances or bin

£325 +VAT

Pass through sink - left hand drainer
With wast disposal hole with space for bin underneath

£275 VAT Free

Used Stainless Steel Dishwasher Table.
165cmW x 65cmD x 96cmH

£150 +VAT

Very good condition, large stainless steel table

Welded stainless steel construction throughout

Complete with small drip sink. Perfect for placing a hot water boiler or coffee machine on.

£195 VAT Free

Pass Through Washer, Pre Wash and shelf with Spray arm

£600 £540 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Dishwasher Table.
Holds 3 baskets
Adjustable Feet

£120 +VAT

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