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Hobart Conveyor Dishwasher
Model: CX.A Series 94.819428
Model Nmr: SEF.1008.1009
Voltage: 415V (3 PHASE)
Hotel clearance. Only used for glass.

£280 +VAT ono

Commercial pass-through dishwasher with a max. loading height of up to 400 mm and 3 wash cycles with thermal cycle delay option included. A stainless steel, top of tank filter system is also included as standard.
Maximum productivity thanks to shorter cycles.
Full optional list.
WRAS approval

£1200 VAT Free

More than enough space for big and small, for example euro trays, large dishes and tall glasses: passing height 440 mm
A lot of space of glittering wash results: rack size 500 x 500 mm
Economical water consumption: 2.6 l per wash cycle
Cleanliness and hygiene assurance

£1200 VAT Free ono

The powerful Classeq P500AWS-16 Pass Through Dishwasher.
Designed for performance and speed in hard water areas.
This reliable dishwasher can quickly clean a full 500x500mm rack full in either 90, 180 or 300 second washes as required.
Effective rinse booster pumps and advanced software intelligently ensures even the dirtiest plates are left sparkling clean.
Fitted with integral drain pump, water softener and WRAS approved type A air gap.

£1600 VAT Free

This quality pump drained dishwasher by Hobart is an essential piece of equipment for any demanding kitchen environment. It has a revolutionary wash system with a unique pre-wash, wash, and rinse. This high performance and high capacity dishwasher can easily clean up to 1500 glasses per hour. The unique colour coded control with text or symbols clearly indicates the machine status and remaining cycle time which ensures easy operation. The quality dishwasher also has an extended rinse cycle for tall and stemmed glasses and USB interface allows quick and easy transfer of operational data via USB stick. Additionally, the dishwasher also has clip-in wash and rinse arms allow easy removal and replacement and an interlocked strainer which prevents blockages and damage to the wash system.

£1495 +VAT

Hobart Commercial dishwasher/ glasswasher
Ecomax CLF 26
Good condition working well

£875 VAT Free ono

This Comenda pass through dishwasher is ideal for medium to large food service locations. it features 4 wash cycles which ensure all your pots, pans, dishes and glasses are perfectly cleaned time and time again. This quality dishwasher comes fully complete with rinse aid and detergent dispensers and also includes drain pump and one basket.
Model: XLC/3/DP+CRC
Power: Three Phase

£1250 +VAT

Freestanding Carlton Pass Though Dishwasher
Gravity Drain

£600 VAT Free ono

Reconditioned Machine, Built in water softener, all working, 3 months warranty.
The Classeq Hydro 957A Pass Through Dishwasher is easy cleaning due to the continuous hood clean and the removable front panel allows simple service access. Includes Drain pump and optional rinse pump, detergent pumps and WRAS approved Air gap.

£1200 VAT Free ono

This Electrolux pass through dishwasher is capable of washing up to 1200 dishes per hour which ensures it will be suitable for the most demanding of catering locations. The dishwasher comes fully complete with rinse aid, detergent and drain pumps. The dishwasher also has three cycle times which ensure glasses and plates to pots and pans are cleaned to the highest standards.

£1250 +VAT

This was removed from a private school where it had regular services and maintained
As all school equipment obviously only used half the year and has a much easier life than usual catering equipment
All works as it should

£4500 +VAT

Removed form a large corporate office complex this was on service contract so it was looked after regardless of cost

£1750 +VAT

Removed form a large corporate office complex this was on service contract so it was looked after regardless of cost

£995 +VAT

£1200 +VAT

A reliable and well thought out pass-through door-type dishwasher combines a smooth and comfortable method of operation for all types of dishes, cups, cutlery, and a host of other ware items. Whether the requirement is for a pass-through or for a space saving corner-model, the flexible construction technique of the MEIKO DV-series enables virtually unlimited installation possibilities.
RRP £6,000+

£2300 +VAT

This quality dishwasher is perfect for any demanding kitchen as it is capable of washing between 20 and 60 baskets per hour dependant on chosen cycle. This is the perfect dishwasher to efficiently wash glasses, dishes and pots and pans with ease. This dishwasher which has three cycle times comes with built-in rinse aid, detergent and drain pump and comes complete with one basket.

£1495 +VAT

2 dishwashers for sale in good working condition

£1500 VAT Free

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