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Used dishwasher
Checked and tested all
In good working order

£900 +VAT

Secondhand dishwasher
Ensure your dishes and glasses are cleaned to perfection with this smart under counter dishwasher, it has two wash cycles of 120 seconds and 180 seconds, a self-cleaning cycle and the soft start wash pump to avoid accidental breakage of dishes & glasses. It also has a built-in pressure boiler for hot rinse ensuring effective and hygienic cleaning. The electronic controls with temperature display and external connecting box protected by a waterproof plastic cover makes maintenance and operation effortless. This smart dishwasher includes drain pump, rinse aid & is pre-arranged for connection on site to an external detergent dispenser.

£895 +VAT

Dishwasher for sale
Eco 1 Glasseq gravity fed stainless steel Glass washer.
Virtually brand new, bought from Nisbets 2 years ago, been used about 20 times.

£400 VAT Free ono

Glass washer for sale
Internal regeneration water softener
Bright LED display with soft touch panels
Accurate detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing as standard
Supplied with two open cup/glass racks

£650 VAT Free ono

Dishwasher for sale
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
New DC SERIES SP40HISD Glasswasher with Pump.
Energy-saving wash pump
Double-skinned stainless-steel cabinet and door
Low water usage
EasyClean filters

£825 +VAT

Glasswasher for sale
Hobart Pot/utensil washer serviced & refurbished in good working order
Requires 3 phase 21kw 32amp electrical supply

£1200 £850 +VAT

Hobart pot washer for sale
Hi Welcome to this listing for this Classeq Hydro 957AS commercial pass through dishwasher
This machine is ideal for a pub or a restaurant.
This machine has been fully cleaned and tested by qualified engineers with over 20 years experience in the catering industry. It is in perfect working order and is ready to be put through its paces.

£1095 VAT Free

Classeq Hydro 957AS Pass Through Dishwasher - West Sussex
Bringing a little extra to the table, this large Winterhalter Undercounter Warewasher model can sufficiently fit most large kitchen utensils and is suitable for medium sized restaurants and cafes with a reasonably large customer base. Providing the convenience of both a dishwasher and glasswasher in a single unit, flexibility is paramount to this warewasher's efficiency as epitomised by the variable wash settings such as temperature and duration that provide the optimal results with every rinse. Other valuable modes including an eco setting and quiet mode are present to provide either economical performance and reduced noise during intimate or special occasions.

£995 +VAT

Front dishwasher for sale
Mieko Ecostar 530f under counter dishwasher serviced and in good working order
Supplied with 2 baskets
Requires single 21amp electrical supply

£500 £450 including VAT ono

dishwasher for sale
6 months old Prodis dishwasher

£700 £600 VAT Free

Dishwasher for sale
Used Stainless Steel Dishwasher Table.
L Shape dishwasher table
Aluminium shelf
Adjustable feet
122cmW x 213cmD x 95cmH Used

£180 +VAT

L shaped dishwasher table
Used Stainless Steel Single Dishwasher Sink.
Single bowl 61 X 45 X 31cm
Left drainer
Aluminium shelf
Shoot for waste disposal or bin
Adjustable feet 305cmW x 65cmD x 93cmH

£325 +VAT

Pass through dish washer sink
Hobart ecomax dishwasher for sale

£650 VAT Free

Used Hobart Ecomax Dishwasher - North West London
2 year old Prodis dishwasher

£400 VAT Free

Dishwasher for sale
Just been removed from a nursing home due to closure.
Comenda LC 700 BT
It is single phase electric, 6 KW.

£2450 +VAT

Pass through dishwasher for sale
Used Stainless Steel Single Dishwasher Sink
Single bowl 39 x 39 x 22cm
Double drainer
Please note that the shelf has a hole

£150 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Single Dishwasher Sink (7333)
Winterhalter D-88074 Type GS502 pass through washer with stainless steel shelving and sink setup. Shelving can have two configurations, visit our website to view video of this item working. This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.

£2495 +VAT

Winterhalter D-88074 Type GS502 with Shelving Setup (Product Code: CF1043)
Ensure your plates dishes and glasses are squeaky clean with this top quality under counter dishwasher by Hobart. It features a 500x500 basket, cutlery basket and comes complete with drain pump which allows you to position it anywhere within your establishment.
Brand: Hobart
Model: FX 70N

£1250 +VAT

Hobart Undercounter Dishwasher