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Sell your catering equipment
Powerful electric Freestanding Chip Scuttle / Chip Dump is made from stainless steel. It is robust and is very easy to maintain.
It will speed up your serving time and increase sales output!
Provides warming for holding chips and fries between 30 and 110°C. Stainless steel chip storage tank with serving rack for holding chip bags and pre-prepared portions.

£650 +VAT

This chip scuttle is the perfect vessel to house deliciously cooked chips and any other fried breaded items. With easy access ensuring the necessary cooked food is stored without compromising the quality or temperature and is kept deliciously crispy.

£225 +VAT

New B Grade Lincat CB112 Chip Scuttle. Product description
Keep your chips and other fried foods perfectly heated and easily accessible with the compact LCS Lincat Lynx chip scuttle.
Able to expertly hold food for up to 20 minutes, the Lincat chip dump gently heats the contents, whilst acting as a drain for any excess oil or grease. This leaves fried foods perfectly crispy and ready to serve - ideal for quick service businesses such as takeaways. The built-in lid not only helps to protect cooked food - it also reduces heat loss and running costs when in position.

£180 +VAT

This Lincat countertop chips scuttle is an ideal solution for extended storage of up to 3kg of chips or fried food.
With a removable tank and sturdy stainless steel construction, the chip scuttle is specifically designed for hygiene, being both highly durable and easy to clean.

£175 +VAT

Merco Holding Cabinets keep food hot, fresh and ready for easy assembly!

The exclusive airflow design allows more flexibility in holding options for greater menu variety - go ahead, prepare and hold food prior to serving. T

he easy to maintain design and simple operation features reduce employee time spent on cleaning and training; increasing customer satisfaction by providing higher product quality in a shorter amount of time.

£2500 +VAT

This compact chip scuttle is perfect for any small café or restaurant. It is capable of keeping chips crisp at the perfect serving temperature for a longer period of time whilst draining excess oil from the chips ensuring maximum taste and quality.
Power: Single Phase

£195 +VAT

£250 VAT Free

£400 +VAT ono

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