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Sushi conveyors
This has been dismantled down and in storage please see picture attached
In good working order
Made by Monk, specialist in sushi conveyor

£3300 £2995 +VAT ono

Sushi Conveyor Belt Foe Sale
2 tier Crystal Lazy Susan can ideally fit both 5ft & 6ft Round Table. Many Caterers and Venues have mix of these tables, so to make the Lazy Susan more adaptable, The Crystal Lazy Susan that has a lower base of lesser diameter which makes it house plates and cutlery more comfortably, while the upper level is of bigger diameter which can still house 8 bowls perfectly and drinks. In addition, the converging design from top to bottom makes it look fantastic, so is the name Converging Crystal Lazy Susan.

£180 £60 inc. VAT ono

Lazy Susan For Sale

£900 £300 inc. VAT ono

Cook Tek Wok model (MWG3000).
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This teppanyaki grill is perfect for cooking a wide range of foods from eggs, meat, vegetables and rice all at the same time making it ideal for use within busy cafes and restaurants with limited space. The powerful griddle cooks quicker throughout which speeds up cooking times and helps to make your busy kitchen more efficient. It features cool touch handles, variable heat settings and non-slip feet.

£45 +VAT

Grill for sale

£1100 +VAT ono

5 Ring Chinese Wok

£3000 VAT Free ono

9 Wok Chinese Burner
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