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Heat Lamp - Somerset

Price: £175 ono VAT Free
Heated lamp for sale
Triple Heat Lamp & Serving Counter
Used stainless steel counter with 3 heat lamps

£175 ono VAT Free

Heated lamp for sale
Popular within establishments such as, fast food chains and takeaways this smart humidified chicken display warmer cabinet features transparent doors with interior lighting and tough acrylic flip doors allow for high product visibility and display. The integrated, convenient pass-through operation allows the unit to act as a central work station maximising functionality and efficiency of the immediate kitchen work space. Complete with an independent Water-well Humidity & Heating Control.

£2750 +VAT

Display holding cabinet
This quality stainless prep bench with gantry features under counter space ideal for small appliances.
Worktop Height:910mm

£175 VAT Free

0.9m Stainless Steel Prep Table with Gantry
A quality stainless table with gantry comes with a drawer and a single shelf for additional storage.
Height :1350mm
Worktop Height :900mm
Width: 1900mm
Depth: 700mm

£195 VAT Free

1.9m Stainless Steel Table with Gantry & Drawer (Ref: SS419) - Cheshire
A smart stainless table with gantry comes with a single shelf for additional storage.
Worktop Height:910mm
Width: 600mm
Depth: 700mm

£150 VAT Free

0.6m Stainless Steel Table with Gantry (Ref: SS420)
500mm x 670mm x 80 mm deep
Used, but working perfectly, hence price

£60 £54 +VAT

Heated base servery
Victor bench top refrigerated unit with over head gantry lights W 1100 x D 500 x H 590 in good working order

£150 +VAT

Refrigerated display for sale
Used Stainless Steel Table Stand Double Gantry Shelves.
Space for appliances
Double gantry shelf
Hole cut in top for cables

£110 +VAT

Stainless steel table
Used Victor Stainless Steel Table Top Hot Heated Carvery Display.
Heated base
2 heated bulb gantry
Sneeze screen

£295 +VAT

Heated display for sale
Used Victor Stainless Steel Table Top Heated Hot Carvery Display.
Heated tile base
3 bulb heated gantry
Sneeze screen has a chip, please see picture

£550 +VAT

Heated gantry for sale
Stainless Steel ceiling mounted heated pass. Great space saver, easy clean and ideal for those smaller kitchens.

£175 +VAT

Stainless steel heated pass
This Stainless steel table is 1880mm High, it stands on six legs with a width of 1700mm and a depth of 700mm, with two gantry’s with nine heat lamps on top, single phase power

£1200 £950 +VAT

Stainless Steel Table with Double Heated Gantry
Tab Grabbers
2 x Lamps per tier
13A plug
Stainless Steel
Dimensions: Height: 750mm x Width: 1200mm x Depth 300mm

£385 +VAT

Heated gantry for sale
2 Lamp Heated Display
Heated Base with 3 level settings
Perfect for keeping items warm, self service buffets etc
13A plug
Dimensions: Height: 730mm x Width: 370mm x Depth 570mm

£180 +VAT

Heated display unit for sale
Model number: mhdl4-go
Holds 4 x 1/1 in container
Power supply needed 2.4kw
*** New control added ***
Heated lamps to keep the food warm

£950 +VAT

Heated display for sale
Used Stainless Steel Table Top Double 2 Heated Gantry Shelf Pass.
Double Heated Gantry shelves
4 heat lamps on each shelf
Shelves slope down on either end

£425 +VAT

Gantry for sale
Just come into us due to closure of business. Large one has tiled top with two heated carvery spikes. Smaller one has ceramic heated top. Both have heated gantry and hot cupboard under. Big money earners these units ie 200 meals @ £7.95 and thats your purchase money back !!!!!

£1500 VAT Free

Carvery/Hot Cupboard/Heated Gantry - Matched Pair
Used Stainless Steel Double Non Heated Gantry Shelf Stand.
Used – May have cosmetic damage.
All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested

£160 +VAT

Heated gantry shelf for sale
Lovely unit just come into us due to closure / end of lease on premises.
Unit is on wheels.
Runs on normal 13 amp plug.
Hot cupboard under, heated hot plates, heated gantry, all independently controlled.
The two large ceramic hot plates could hold 6 - 8 joints of meat easily.
The second unit is not hot, basically just for condiments and the like.
The tray slide units on the fronts can easily be taken off if not required.
Tried tested and ready to go.

£1850 VAT Free

Carvery hot cupboard for sale
Used Stainless Steel Double 2 Tier Hot Heated Gantry.
Top shelf heated only

£290 +VAT

Heated gantry for sale
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