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Used Heated Gantry Hot Lights Table.
Space for appliances
Double gantry shelf, one heated 124 x 38 x 94cm
Non heated wet well

£320 +VAT

Used Heated Gantry Hot Lights Table	(9343)
Second hand 3 tier stainless steel heat lamp. Has 9 heat lamps on 3 levels and keeps food really hot. Great space saver in any commercial kitchen but excellent at keeping meals hot prior to service. The equipment is in good condition and good working order. Sits well on any stainless steel kitchen bench. Each tier of lamps can be turned on or off independently of the other tiers.

£150 inc. VAT

Chef's Pass or Heated Gantry
2 door bench fridge
Williams jade counter fridge
Used average condition
With gantry heated light on one upper shelf
Size 140x70x87 (fridge height )
On wheels
Checked and tested
Cleaned and ready for work

£550 +VAT

Williams Jade Counter Fridge
Heated pass through with 3 heat lamps and 3 hot plates,glass sides and top. Good working order. Adjustable heat top and bottom

£495 inc. VAT

Heated pass for sale
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Used Heated Gantry Hot Lights. Heated Gantry
Used – May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£50 +VAT

Heated gantry
Used Stainless Steel Table Heated Gantry.
Shelf below
Heated Gantry 115 x 30 x 90cm
3 Drill holes in the top for can opener

£380 +VAT

Steel table for sale
This deli counter has 9 heat settings
Fully enclosed heated display deli designed for assisted service only.
This display maintains pre-heated, cooked food at a regulated temperature.

£795 inc. VAT

Deli counter for sale
Lovely unit just come into us due to closure / end of lease on premises. Unit is on wheels. Runs on normal 13 amp plug. Hot cupboard under, heated hot plates, heated gantry, all independently controlled. The two large ceramic hot plates could hold 6 - 8 joints of meat easily. The tray slide unit on the fronts can easily be taken off if not required. Tried tested and ready to go.

£810 £750 VAT Free

Carvery hot cupboard for sale
Stainless steel gantry perfect for fitting to any commercial table.

£75 +VAT

gantry for sale
Used Stainless Steel Gantry Shelf Stand.
141cmW x 40cmD x 51cmH
Used – May have cosmetic damage

£80 +VAT

Gantry shelf stainless steel
Used Stainless Steel Table Gantry.
Shelf below
Gantry shelf 40 x 35 x 56cm
2x 13amp sockets
40cmW x 68cmD x 90cmH

£120 +VAT

Chef's Pass / infill table
Small stainless steel gantry perfect for any small cafe or restaurant.

£55 +VAT

Heated gantry

£70 +VAT

Gantry shelf
This heated lamp gantry is perfect for maintaining the temperature of your products when serving and displaying. The TC-2F display has a wipe clear glass surface with adjustable temperature controls.

£185 +VAT

Heated pass for sale
The Lincat brand is synonymous with outstanding product reliability; sturdy, durable construction. Good design, high performance and build quality plus exceptional value for money are standard features of every product. In short, Lincat stands for quality across its entire range of commercial catering equipment.

£179 inc. VAT

Heated gantry
Moffat mobile heated servery is perfect for canteens, cafeterias and refectories. Features three robust glass thermal panels and a stylish overhead heated gantry, food is attractively displayed and kept at the perfect serving temperature. The large capacity hotcupboard features forced air heating which keeps food or plates ready for serving. Comes complete with tray slide rack to assist queuing and service.

£625 +VAT

Heated display for sale
Stainless steel table comes complete with a gantry and under counter space perfect for storage or any small appliances.
Width: 2045mm x Depth: 800mm
Height: 1600mm - Worktop Height: 920mm

£225 +VAT

Stainless steel table with chef's gantry
This EMH Countertop heated pass-through is created for busy supermarkets and food service outlets that require high capacity heated products such as pies and pastries etc, displayed at their best. Features an adjustable temperature control.

£450 +VAT

Heated pass
Stainless Steel Gantry Shelf
Condition: Good

£119 +VAT

Pizza prep shelf
Brand New Imettos 101045 Heated Gantry Hot Lights. The iMettos heated lamp display unit is for maintaining the temperature of your products when serving. The TC-2F display has a wipe clear glass surface, the temperature is adjustable.

£195 +VAT

Brand New Imettos 101045 Heated Gantry Hot Lights	(9020)
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