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Sell your catering equipment

£950 +VAT

In full working order, Power: 4 kW Power supply: single phase cable (hard wired)
Weigh (Product): 49.0 kg Number of heating elements: 2
Number of heating zones: 2 Height-adjustable heating element
Grease collection tank
Dimensions (Product): 600(W) x 530(H) x 480(D) mm

£450 +VAT

Rollergril Electric Infrared Rise and Fall Salamander Good working condition
Will add dimensions and power etc.
Roughly 700mm/600mm cooking area

£950 +VAT

Electrolux 30a single phase rise and fall salamander grill.
In immaculate condition.

£500 VAT Free

This Blue Seal salamander grill allows you to create delicious meals in a matter of minutes. Featuring high speed and independently controlled dual infra-red burners, this grill offers outstanding performance, improving your serving times while ensuring your dishes are always prepared to absolute perfection. Its stainless steel construction also offers durability and easy clean.

£650 +VAT

Reconditioned Electric Salamander Grill
Single Phase 6kw

£750 +VAT ono

£200 £140 VAT Free

This rise and fall salamander is ideal for any busy kitchen. The salamander has an adjustable top grill down to 25mm and comes complete with a wide range of functions which have been specifically designed to ensure top quality results time and time again. These features include touchscreen controls with pre-selectable grilling times with cook and hold ability. The three high powered heating elements which enable it to heat up to 200°C in only 20 seconds ensuring you can quickly cook delicious foods for your customers. Additionally, the grill has been designed so that water can be placed inside tray to create humidity ensuring products do not dry out. This rise and fall salamander is also easy to clean with removable grill tray.

£595 £536 +VAT

This Salamander grill has efficient high speed infra-red burners and dual burner controls on the left and right. Made from stainless steel externally, internally it is made from vitreous porcelain enamel and comes with an easy clean removable drip tray.

900mm gas salamander. Four position racking (flat or inclined).

£650 +VAT

This top performing sausage grill combination cart by Beer is an outstanding piece of equipment ideal for use both in a mobile and kitchen setting as the grills are removable. It is perfect for all meat, fish and vegetable barbeques and is fabricated from quality stainless steel. This grill consists of a salamander which has four separately heated zones. The sausages are grilled in the salamander at the lower level and presented and kept warm on the topside grill making it ideal for both large and small events such as festivals and Christmas markets.

£1900 £1710 +VAT

This Gas Salamander Grill by Falcon is the ultimate solution for any catering establishment, perfect for hotels, restaurants, delis, cafes and much more. Manufactured from stainless steel, which is robust, durable and ideal for long-term and continuous use.
Featuring a powerful burner system, the grill boasts outstanding heat-up speeds, allowing you to quickly reheat, cook or brown food without the wait. Combined with the easily-adjustable variable heat settings and multi-position shelf runners, this Falcon helps you achieve the results you’re looking for, precise grilling every time.

£395 £356 +VAT

The Hatco Quick-Therm Salamander is specially-designed for versatility in the kitchen with the capability to cook, grill, reheat and keep a variety of foods at their optimum serving temperatures. Three independently-controlled high-powered heating elements are ready for use within 8 seconds and provide the benefits of energy conservation and cost savings. The plate detection feature automatically activates the heating elements when a food plate comes into sight the plate detection bar, and automatically deactivates when the plate is removed.

£950 £855 +VAT

Make sure you are always able to cope with demand during peak periods in your business, thanks to this heavy duty Falcon Chieftain G1528 gas grill. Featuring exceptionally powerful, infra-red surface combustion burners, the grill guarantees outstanding heat-up and recovery speeds, significantly improving your cooking times to increase your total product output. Designed with five-position shelf runners, the unit gives you complete control over how you gratinate, brown and finish, helping you grill to perfection every single time.

£850 +VAT

This Salamander Grill by Falcon is the perfect solution for any catering establishment, such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more.
Features a powerful burner system, the grill boasts outstanding heat-up speeds, allowing you to quickly reheat, cook and brown food without the wait.

£650 +VAT

Prepare a wide range of meals with this stunning salamander grill by Lincat. It features integral fat collection channel and top and front extractor.

£395 +VAT

This top quality salamander grill is a powerful and reliable appliance capable for use in the most demanding of restaurants and bistros. With this salamander you can cook a wide range of produce to perfection such as fish, steaks and even sandwiches. Featuring stainless steel construction and simple push-button ignition, this salamander is both durable and user friendly. The adjustable thermostat controls ensure that temperature regulation is responsive and accurate ensuring your customers have food cooked to the highest standard.

£295 +VAT

Brand New Infernus INF-ES-2000 Salamander. The Infernus Salamander Grill has been designed and developed for professional use. The Salamander is made from high quality stainless steel for a hygienic, easy to clean and good looking finish.
Comes complete with a 15 minute timer and anti-slip rubber feet.

£225 £195 +VAT

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