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New v Secondhand Adverts

We have two different systems for charging for adverts depending on the nature of the goods sold. 


Secondhand Adverts


Most of the adverts on the website are for catering equipment that has been used in a restaurant, cafe or outside caterer.

For this type of equipment the advert charge depends on the original listing price of the advert. The advert can remain on the site until sold, however after a year of the advert being on at one price, we insist the price is reduced by 10% or more which re-lists the advert back at the top of the site. 

You don’t have to wait a year before reducing the price, you can do it at any time, to relist your advert. Keep doing this until your catering equipment sells.  

However, we don’t allow an advert that has been listed to be re-listed after a year, because it’s obvious to us that you would not want to place the advert again if you had not sold any equipment from it at the same price.  

Occasionally we allow “new” goods to be sold on the secondhand scheme. For this to happen we insist on the following.  

  • You must mark adverts as sold on a regular basis
  • Must not be made to order or bespoke
  • The description can’t include words like “more available”
  • Can’t have options like colour or finish
  • You list each individual item (you don't just list one item and sell many)
Second Hand Adverts By ValueListing Fee
up to £50 £4.50
£51 - £200 £5.50
£201 - £400 £7.50
£401 - £600 £9.50
£601 - £1000 £13.50
£1001 - £1500 £18.50
£1501 - £2000 £23.50
£2001 - £3000 £33.50
£3001 - £5000 £50.00
More than £5001 £60.00

All prices +VAT  

New Adverts


These adverts are for “new” catering equipment or if you have an ongoing supply from stock or can be made to order. 

These adverts are re-listed each month (a real benefit for popular types of advert, where a category has many pages. Rather than being on page 2 or 3 after a month or so, your advert will be on the first page all year).  The cost of this type of advertising depends on how many of this type of adverts you have on our website. 

number of adverts price per advert
1 £30.00
2 £26.00
3 £19.33
4 £16.00
5 £14.00
6 £12.67
7 £11.71
8 £11.00
9 £11.40
10 £10.00
11 £9.64
12 £9.33
13 £9.08
14 £8.86
15 £8.67
16 £8.50
17 £8.35
18 £18.22
19 £8.11
20+ £8.00

Price per advert +VAT 


You can get a further discount for these adverts if you set up a standing order with your bank account of 30%  

You can cancel these adverts at any time. Adverts are invoiced for in advance. If you receive an invoice for an advert that you don’t wish to continue you have seven days to let us know (we will then cancel the advert and void the invoice). 

Obviously you can cancel an advert at any time in advance.