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2 of Dualit 6 Slice Toasters
Great Condition - only used for 2 events
Fitted with 13amp plug with recent PAT test.

£80 +VAT

2 of Dualit 6 Slice Toasters
| Quantity: 2
Used Rowlett DL277 4 Slot Toaster. The highly robust, practical Rowlett Regent 4 Slice Toaster 4ATW-131 from Rowlett's long-established toaster range comes with a variety of features, including a stainless steel top and durable powder-coated body, ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, schools, B&Bs and care homes. Fitted with a slot selector switch, allowing versatility and optimum energy efficiency, as only the required slots heat up. It also switches off at the end of each cycle, signalled by a 'toast ready' ringer, but keeps the toast warm in the machine until taken out. Suitable for thicker products such as hand-cut bread or crumpets.

£90 +VAT

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Used Rowlett 8ATW-100 8 Slot Toaster.
Controlled by a timer, neon indicator lamp & rotary switch slice selector, providing all the control necessary for perfect results.
Variable timer with 'toast ready' ringer.
55cmW x 21cmD x 21cmH

£140 +VAT

8 Slice toaster
Used Rowlett DL278 6 Slot Toaster. A superb quality British-built commercial toaster, the Rowlett Regent 6 Slice Toaster 6ATW-131 in White is ideal for use in pubs, restaurants, hotels, schools, cafés and care homes. With independent slot timers, you can use only the slots you need, helping to extend the lifespan of the elements and reduce running costs.

£60 +VAT

Used Rowlett DL278 6 Slot Toaster (8374)
Used Dualit CD388 6 Slot Bun Toaster. Compact, convenient and specifically designed to toast burger buns, hot cross buns, bagels muffins or tea cakes, the Dualit Bun Toaster 6 Bun Metallic Silver features a mechanical timer and manually operated ejector lever to keep items warm until needed. This toaster toasts one side of the bun whilst keeping the other side warm and accepts bun halves of up to 115mm diameter and 28mm thick. It also allows you to save energy with its innovative selector switch, meaning you only use the slots required.

£80 +VAT

Used Dualit CD388 6 Slot Bun Toaster (8373)
Buffalo GF269 conveyor toaster.
Ex demo.
13 Amp electric.
36cmW x 42cmD x 41cmH.

£300 £225 +VAT

Buffalo Conveyor Toaster (5321)
Used Rowlett 1500-RT/NG Three Conveyor Toaster. Truly advanced, the Rowlett 1500RT Conveyor Toaster not only has an impressive output - it's easy to use and perfect for front of house use in hotel breakfast bars or buffets. Hand made in the UK, this top quality toaster produces perfectly consistent, perfectly browned toast every time. As an added convenience, the 1500RT can also expertly toast buns, tea cakes, muffins and more. During quieter hours, running costs can be reduced by using the handy "off peak" option, which reduces power consumption by up to 30%.

£650 +VAT

Used Rowlett 1500-RT/NG Three Conveyor Toaster	(7852)
Used Rowlett DL277 4AT 4 Slot Toaster.
4 Slot Toaster

£110 £80 +VAT

4 slot toaster for sale
Used Rowlett 6ATW 131 6 Slot Toaster.
6 Slot Toaster

£120 +VAT

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