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Popular makes Dualit : Conveyor Toasters 

£60 +VAT

Used Rowlett DR071 6 Slot Toaster. The chic and super sleek Esprit collection takes both toasting and timeless style to a whole new level. A ravishingly retro design, the 6 slot toaster provides all the control and performance necessary for great results.

£80 +VAT

Dualit Conveyor Turbo Toaster J416
A fast and efficient double feed conveyor toaster which boasts energy saving features making it an excellent choice for busy commercial use. This Dualit toaster is one of the most advanced units available versatile enough to toast bread and waffles in whatever quantity required up to a maximum bread thickness of 30mm.

£250 £150 VAT Free ono

(11776) Ex Demo Lincat LT4X 4 Slot Toaster. The Lincat 4 Slice Toaster LT4X comes with a range of useful features, of which include its extra deep toasting slots which allow it to accommodate thicker slices and different types of bread, and its accurate four minute timer for perfect browning results.

This toaster also comes with a range of safety features, such as its strong fixed element guards for added protection and the automatic element shut off at the end of each set toasting session.

£60 +VAT

Used Rowlett DA206 6 Slot Toaster. Achieve toasting perfection with the prestigious Rowlett Premier six slot commercial toaster. Designed in the UK for reliability and performance, the toaster ensures the entirety of the bread is cooked to a golden brown finish. Precise timer control helps the toaster to produce consistent results every time, whilst the pop-up lever allows you to monitor the cooking process. The strong stainless steel construction makes the toaster easy to clean and use - perfect for use in cafés, hospital wards, hotels and residential care homes.

£80 +VAT

Waring Commercial Conveyor Toaster

£325 inc. VAT

(11050) Used Waring CC026 Conveyor Toaster.

Effectiveness meets versatility with the Waring® CTS1000 Heavy-Duty Conveyor Toaster. This lightweight, portable unit is perfect for cafes, diners, breakfast bars.

£375 +VAT

Used Caterlite CP929 4 Slot Toaster. Make deliciously golden toast every time with the Caterlite four slot toaster. Constructed from robust easy-clean stainless steel, the toaster is user-friendly and great for any light-duty environment. Independent controls allow precision cooking on each set of slots, meaning you can brown toast just as ordered without constant checking. Self-centring bread racks ensure an even cook, and once the cycle is complete, the machine automatically pops the toast up ready for service.
Ideal for light duty commercial or home use.

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£25 +VAT

Used Rowlett 1500-RT/NG Three Conveyor Toaster. Truly advanced, the Rowlett 1500RT Conveyor Toaster not only has an impressive output - it's easy to use and perfect for front of house use in hotel breakfast bars or buffets. Hand made in the UK, this top quality toaster produces perfectly consistent, perfectly browned toast every time. As an added convenience, the 1500RT can also expertly toast buns, tea cakes, muffins and more. During quieter hours, running costs can be reduced by using the handy "off peak" option, which reduces power consumption by up to 30%.

£650 £495 +VAT

This amazing Toaster is constructed with high quality stainless steel which makes it strong and designed to last.
It will give you maximum performance and is designed to be robust, dependable and easy to clean.
Easy to Clean
Please note: All new stock comes with a 12 month warranty parts & labour

£320 +VAT

(10342) Used Buffalo GF269 Conveyor Toaster. Produce up to 400 slices of perfectly browned, consistently cooked toast every hour with the Buffalo double slice conveyor toaster. Ideally situated front of house in hotel breakfast areas or self-service restaurants, this simple to use conveyor toaster can be used by your customers directly, significantly reducing the amount of time you might otherwise spend cooking bread manually.

£325 +VAT

Used dualit 6 slot toaster stainless steel, in good condition
High output, elements easy to replace

£60 £54 VAT Free

Used linkat conveyor toaster in good condition

Toasting options: top side ,bottom or both sides together

40cm(H) x50(D) x42(W)

£200 VAT Free

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