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No restaurant or bar space is complete without one of these smart under counter dishwashers by nelson!
This dishwasher comes complete with a 450mm square basket and has a pint glass capacity of 25 pints. This durable dishwasher has a one or two minute wash cycle which enables you to quickly re stock glasses for the most demanding of bar locations.

£575 +VAT

(11357) Used Stainless Steel Table.

Double hinged door cabinet
Upstand back and right
Adjustable feet
Please see pictures of the cutouts in the top.

£275 +VAT

(11360) Used Stainless Single Sink.

Single bowl 29 X 40 X 19cm
Left drainer
Space below for appliances
Adjustable feet

£295 +VAT

(11361) Used Stainless Double Sink.

Left bowl 60 X 45 X 28cm
Right bowl 50 X 40 X 27cm

£395 +VAT

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Stainless table
50 wide by 95cm

£50 +VAT

Fantastic value, only 2 years old
Corner dishwasher
Excellent results and easy to clean

£600 VAT Free ono

(11337) Used 3 Tier Fridge Rack Shelves.

3 x Adjustable shelves
Adjustable feet
Please note that the top shelf is missing one flat.

99cmW x 40cmD x 183cmH

£100 +VAT

New Commercial Stainless Steel Wall Shelf.
Model: Shelf1800
Hygienic and easy to clean
Strong, solid and durable

£52.99 +VAT

(11330) Used Vogue Stainless Single Sink.

Single bowl 40 X 40 X 24 cm
Left drainer
Adjustable feet
Mixer tap

£120 +VAT

(11331) Used Craven 4 Tier Rack Shelves.

4 x Adjustable shelves

122cmW x 46cmD x 170cmH

£220 +VAT

(11332) Used Stainless Steel Table Cabinet.

Double sliding door
Adjustable feet
Upstand back and right
Fabricated corner

£280 +VAT

Plated thermal Regeneration System.
Used mainly by hospitals, care homes, sheltered accomodation
Models still current and accessories.
Consists of two docking stations, four trolleys.

£5000 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2
This Hobart commercial Glass washer is in excellent condition inside and out and in full working order with an added built-in water softener.
A very popular Machine in Pubs and Restaurants.
High-quality 500mm basket machine which produces great results.

£1000 +VAT

Used Stainless Double Sink.
Double bowl 43 X 42 X 15cm, Left drainer, Shelf
Upstand, Mixer tap

£295 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Table Cabinet. Single door cabinet
Pull out extended table, Cut out for cables, Castors, Upstand
50cmW x 68cmD x 90cmH

£180 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Table Cabinet.
Double door cabinet
2 X 1/1 Gastro drawers
Upstand back and left
Adjustable feet

£275 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Stand Cabinet.
Double door cabinet
Cut out for cables

£275 +VAT

Used Stainless Dishwasher Stand.
Holds 3 x 500mm dishwasher baskets

£60 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Stand.
Adjustable feet
71cmW x 46cmD x 54cmH

£60 +VAT

Used Stainless Steel Table Stand.
Double door cabinet
1/1 Gastro drawer
Back splash

£325 +VAT

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