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Used in Good Condition, designed for heavy duty use in busy outlets, the Lynx 400 Double Contact Grill LCG2 features an exceptionally fast heat up and is very simple to use. The enamelled cast iron plates offer excellent heat retention, while the perfectly balanced plates avoid the need to turn food over. Great value for money, the Lincat grill is the ideal fast-cook solution for cooking steaks, burgers, panini and toasted sandwiches. The countertop design also allows you to save on space without compromising on quality.

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Contact grill for sale
Buffalo DM902 Double Contact Grill with grill scraper.
In excellent working order with only a few scratches on top.
Material Stainless Steel & Cast Iron
Rapid heat up
Removable grease collection tray
Adjustable swivel top plates

£170 VAT Free

Buffalo DM902 Double Contact Grill
New HC HC-CG1 Panini Contact Grill.
Flat top and bottom.

£210 +VAT

Grill for sale
New HC HC-CG2 Panini Contact Grill.
Ribbed top and bottom.

£210 +VAT

Contact grill for sale
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New HC HC-CG3 Panini Contact Grill.
Large ribbed top and bottom.

£270 +VAT

Panini grill for sale
Buffalo Contact Grill.
Model L553 -B-02
The best one that Buffalo do, fully digital timers and temperature.
Both top and bottom plates have flat plates

£195 VAT Free

Buffalo contact grill
| Quantity: 2
Used Buffalo GJ456 Double Panini Contact Grill.
54cmW x 33cmD x 20cmH
Used – May have cosmetic damage.

£210 +VAT

Double panini grill
Used Rowlett DA232 Double Panini Contact Grill. Combining stylish British-built good looks with powerful dual elements and innovative design, the Rowlett Express Double Contact Grill RE200FR-PING offers all the performance for reliable front-of-house use in takeaways, cafés, kiosk and more. Tough stainless steel construction and advanced plate construction ensure longevity and easy-to-clean maintenance, while the "eco" mode helps to reduce running costs by up to 30% during quieter hours. As an added innovation, the grease drip tray is located at the rear of the grill, meaning food debris and fat is kept well out of sight of your customers. Double your output with this fantastic quality panini press.

£420 +VAT

Panini grill
Used Dualit CM112 Double Panini Contact Grill. A powerful yet stylish addition to any cafe, bistro or sandwich shop, the Dualit Panini Grill can quickly and easily produce top-quality Panini with attractive branding lines, thanks to its ribbed top plate and simple dial controls. Made from high quality stainless steel and cast iron, this UK made contact grill can accommodate up to four Panini at a time, ensuring rapid production during busy hours.

£220 +VAT

Panini contact grill
Great for busy food kiosks and cafés, this heavy duty contact grill by Buffalo delivers excellent cooking performance without compromising on reliability. It features a counter balanced top plate to prevent foods getting damaged and simple dial temperature control with the powerful dual elements which heat up fast, you can cook burgers, steaks and Panini’s faster than griddling alone. The sturdy ribbed cast iron grill plates and built-in removable grease collection tray provides a mess-free operation, even when cooking fatty foods. Additionally this compact griddle includes a handy built-in digital timer and alarm helping to ensure your produce is cooked consistently every time.

£125 +VAT

Single Phase Buffalo Single Panini Grill
Excellent condition unit, rrp £1400 new, comes with warranty,

£528 £480 +VAT

Grill for sale
Used Buffalo DM992 Double Panini Contact Grill
The robust Buffalo bistro contact grill combines a tough stainless steel construction with ribbed cast iron plates for long-term use and exceptional grilling results - ideal for cooking burgers, steaks, panini and toasted sandwiches.
With an adjustable swivel head and variable heat dials for different thicknesses and temperatures, you have complete control over the entire grilling process.

£200 +VAT

Used Buffalo DM992 Double Panini Grill
This teppanyaki grill is perfect for cooking a wide range of foods from eggs, meat, vegetables and rice all at the same time making it ideal for use within busy cafes and restaurants with limited space. The powerful griddle cooks quicker throughout which speeds up cooking times and helps to make your busy kitchen more efficient. It features cool touch handles, variable heat settings and non-slip feet.

£45 +VAT

Grill for sale
Used Sammic Vitro Grill GV-10LL, Single Phase. Glass-ceramic upper and lower surfaces that allow to cook directly, LL: smooth upper and lower glass. Quick heating appliances, minimising waiting time until the grill is ready to use. Stainless steel body.
This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is in full working order.

£395 VAT Free

Used Sammic Vitro Grill GV-10LL, Smooth Glass (Product Code: CF1309)
This smart three phase double Panini grill is perfect for cooking not only Panini’s but burgers, steaks, chicken and vegetables to perfection within a short amount of time. This easy to use double grill features heavy duty ribbed cast iron grill plates with counter balanced top plates which prevents foods from getting damaged whilst providing even cooking throughout.

£175 +VAT

3 phase commercial Double Panini grill
This smart table top twin Panini grill by Sirman is perfect for cooking and toasting a wide range of products from sandwiches and Panini’s to burgers, chicken and steaks this versatile compact is perfect for your business. This griddle comes complete with two timers and temperature controls which enable you to use both sides at different times accommodating for busy and quiet periods. The easy to use controls and removable drip tray ensures effortless and efficient operation making this griddle ideal for any busy eatery with limited space.

£225 +VAT

grill for sale
This smart Contact grill is an excellent choice for any professional caterer as it has been designed for constant everyday use. The rapid heat up grill features durable cast iron cooking plates and stainless steel construction. Additionally, the counter balanced top plate ensures foods do not get crushed also providing even cooking.
Also, the easy to use simple dial controls ensures accurate temperature regulation whilst the built in grease channel helps to prevent the build-up of fat and other food debris making this versatile grill perfect for your business.

£150 +VAT

Contact grill for sale
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