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Used Ugolini MT 2 GL Double 2 Flavour Slush Puppy Iced Drink Maker Table Top. Counter top slush dispensers, suitable to dispense 'granita' and other frozen drinks . The most innovative , versatile, compact slush machine , that totally displays the product, maximising products' attractiveness. Shock proof, non toxic polycarbonate container with about 10 litres capacity. Technical features - Digital keyboard for on/off, lid lighting /thermostat/density adjustments - Display to configure the unit and to visualize communications.

£750 +VAT

Slush machine for sale
GT PUSH prepares a product with an optimum consistency and texture.
The new multi-purpose Summit machine, combines technological innovation and versatility with ease of use, allowing you to delight your customers.
Thanks to its innovative bowl temperature control system and PUSH button that allows increased working speed, GT PUSH is the only counter-top machine on the market capable of preparing real frozen cream (coffee cream , hazelnut cream, etc.) as well as soft ice cream and frozen yoghurt.
The machine is brand new and still wrapped in the box!

£1200 VAT Free

GT1 Push Soft Ice-cream and Frozen Yogurt Machine

Sold New Twin Slush Machine - Christchurch, Dorset

Price: £600 including VAT
table top slush machine

Sold Slush Puppy Machine - Oxfordshire

Price: £500 including VAT
Slush Puppie Machine

£500 including VAT

Slush Puppie Machine

Sold Italian Fabay Slush Machine - Manchester

Price: £1375 £1300 ono VAT Free
Slush machine

£1375 £1300 ono VAT Free

Slush machine

Sold Slush Machine - Cheshire

Price: £300 +VAT
Slush puppie machine

£300 +VAT

Slush puppie machine

Sold Milkshake / Frozen Beverage Freezers - Derby

Price: £599 ono VAT Free
Milkshake / Frozen Beverage Freezers

Sold Slush Machine - Manchester

Price: £725 +VAT
slush machine

Sold Slush Machine 3 x 10L Bowls - Rotherham

Price: £900 ono including VAT
3 Slush Machine

£900 ono including VAT

3 Slush Machine
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items