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New B Grade Classeq D400 Dishwasher Gravity. Compact and convenient, the Classeq D400 commercial dishwasher brings professional dishwashing performance to small restaurants, cafés, B&Bs and residential care homes. Able to effectively wash 9 full size dinner plates alongside cutlery and utensils within a rapid three minute cycle, the washer delivers sparkling results every time. Robust construction and the double-skinned door helps to improve overall washer efficiency, whilst simple two-button control ensures effortless, hassle-free operation.

£795 +VAT

New B Grade Classeq G400 Glasswasher Gravity. Compact and reliable, the Classeq G400 commercial glasswasher produces excellent, consistent glasswashing results - ideal for smaller pubs, restaurants and cafés. Simple to use, clean and maintain, the Classeq is able to effectively wash and rinse 16 pint glasses per cycle (up to 480 glasses per hour), operated with simple digital controls. Double-skinned door construction reduces noise as well as running costs, whilst at the end of service the self-clean and drain down systems ensure hygiene is maximised.

£795 +VAT

Mach MS9451 Large Dishwasher 500mm Basket 13amp inside mach machine
Warranty: 3 Month Parts

£600 VAT Free ono

Ensure your glasses and plates are perfectly clean with this compact undercounter dishwasher by DC. It features simply, easy to use controls and a 2 & 3 minute wash cycle. This gravity drained dishwasher is perfect for any commercial establishments and any busy bars & clubs alike.

£750 +VAT

Classeq D500 DUO WS dishwasher with built in drain pump, built in water softener and rinse booster pump, can be used as a large glasswasher, perfect for any pub club bar.
Comes with two baskets one for glasses one for dishes, (500x500mm)
Very good condition, less than a year old as you can see from model sticker this machine is a 2020 model.
Classeq are regarded as one of the best dishwasher and glasswasher brands on the market, this would set you back £2600 new so grab a bargain!

£1200 inc. VAT ono

DC PD50A ISD commercial dishwasher with built in drain pump and water softener, can be used as a large glasswasher, perfect for any pub club bar.
Comes with two baskets one for glasses one for dishes, (500x500mm)
DC along with Nelson are regarded as the best dishwashers and glasswashers on the market, this is a 2018 model and would set you back £2300 new so grab a bargain!

£800 inc. VAT ono

Commercial Dishwasher

£350 VAT Free

This Electrolux under counter dishwasher comes with a simple to use control panel, with digital window for wash and rinse temperature. It has three dishwashing programs, one for lightly soiled tableware, one for normally soiled items and a third program for heavy soiled items. With it’s built in rinse aid and detergent, it can provide thermal disinfection thanks to the 30 second rinsing cycle at 85°C. This dishwasher also has a drain pump.

£1195 +VAT

Nelson SC50 AWS DP BL dishwasher with built in water softener and drain pump, can be used as a large glasswasher, perfect for any pub club bar.

£800 inc. VAT

Classic Eq Duo 2 Glass Washer

£425 VAT Free

£1000 £850 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 2
This professional Dishwasher by Smeg is designed to guarantee the best possible wash results in any busy hospitality outlets. It Features 7 programs including a self-cleaning cycle and an ultra-clean pro cycle for complete sanitisation. It comes complete with an electronic LED control panel that has a self-diagnosis system with fault warning and also features height adjustable shelving making the upper shelf positions suitable for washing plates and saucers and the lower shelf positions more suitable for washing glasses and cups.

£1795 +VAT

The latest version Classeq Duo 750 dishwasher is has a host of improvements over previous versions to improve reliability, a change to wash tank & rinse tank thermostats in the Classeq Duo 750 dishwasher allow adjustment of tank water temperatures. New design heating elements reduce the risk of failure by adding a thicker element (8mm thick) The Classeq Duo 750 commercial dishwasher has adjustable detergent & rinse aid pumps improve reliability.

£795 +VAT

Barely used / still have warranty

£1140 VAT Free

Break tank fitted
Basket size: 500 x 500 mm
Cycle time: 3 minutes

£750 +VAT ono

Electrolux Undercounter Dishwasher
Used but in excellent working condition

£650 +VAT

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