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Rational CPC 6 grid combi oven, 3 phase electric, serviced by rational trained engineer
Make: Rational
Model: CPC
Type: 6 grid Combi Oven (including stand)

£1800 +VAT

Rational CPC 6 grid combi oven
B Grade Sammic Cutlery Polisher Model: SAMM3001
Power: Electric 13A
Dimensions: 600 x 490 x 400
Description: Dries, polishes and removes lime scale stains from cutlery after washing, Fully automatic, Stainless steel body and polishing tank, Rounded cutlery carousel, avoiding cutlery jams, Economy: saves on personnel costs and quick return of investment, Speed: hourly output of up to 3,000 pieces, Hygiene: the germicidal UVC-ray lamp sterilises both the cutlery and the polishing product.

£1580 £1000 +VAT ono

Cutlery Polisher
All stainless steel construction base and midshelf, sliding doors.

£395 inc. VAT

Cupboard for sale
Lower shelf is 61(W)cm
Open space is 63(W)cm room for a standard appliance.
Large can opener with table top shelf.

£225 inc. VAT

Steel table for sale
Gable asset Finance - Click for a competitive quote
Stylish, rounded and compact design for attractive display where space is at a premium

£199 inc. VAT each

Pie warmer for sale
| Quantity: 2
Very good condition ice maker from top British manufacturer
Model: Foster FCI30
Stainless steel exterior with food safe white interior
Excellent working condition, makes large ice cubes.

£350 VAT Free

ice maker for sale
Large black marble hand carved Dolphins.
Eye-catching three dolphins leaping out of the Ocean.
The base is rectangular with foaming waves.
Was the centre piece of my restaurant however would look equally as well in a hotel or office.

£2000 inc. VAT

Black Marble Dolphins Statue
The machine has not been used at all
I have had it a long time though
Shiny new and unblemished
Very clear the inside of the machine has never been used
Italian Heavy duty cheese grater

£280 VAT Free ono

Unused Professional Cheese Grater for sale
Miss Baker Pro
Hardly used
In excellent working condition
Sought after

£800 VAT Free ono

Miss Baker Pro Table Top Twin Arm Mixer
Used Winterhalter GS302 Dishwasher Drain Pump 500mm.
500 x 500 Basket Size, 3, 4 or 5
Minute Wash Cycle, Built In Rinse
Aid Dispenser And Container.

£750 +VAT

Used Winterhalter GS302 Dishwasher Drain Pump 500mm (9310)
New B Grade Buffalo CP793 Single Table Top Induction Fryer 7.5L. Powerful and efficient, the Buffalo induction fryer brings all the performance and convenience of induction cooking to your kitchen whilst only requiring power from a standard 3-pin plug. Whether your're frying fish, chips, doughnuts or chicken, the Buffalo fryer offers an impressive output and a generous 7.5Ltr capacity. With no exposed elements and a handy drain tap, cleaning is made much faster and easier in comparison to conventional fryers. Ideal for restaurants, takeaways, kiosks and more.

£170 +VAT

New B Grade Buffalo CP793 Single Table Top Induction Fryer 7.5L (9309)
Used Waring F206 Chopper Grinder. The Waring® WCG75 Pro Prep® Chopper Grinder is engineered for the professional kitchen to give you the right tools for specific tasks with no tainting of flavours. It's perfect for prep jobs and finishing touches. Grind spices and hard foods such as Parmesan and Romano cheeses, hard chocolate, nuts, coffee beans, peppercorns, allspice, celery seed, mustard seed and more.
Two separate bowl assemblies, one for chopping and one for grinding
Bowl assemblies stack for convenient storage
Powerful 3/4 HP, high-speed motor
Dishwasher-safe bowls, blades and covers

£80 +VAT

Used Waring F206 Chopper Grinder (9308)
Used Buffalo L370 Single Table Top Fryer 3L. Powerful yet highly compact, the three litre Buffalo countertop fryer is the perfect appliance for sites with limited demand or space. Designed to be easy to use, the fryer features a simple dial thermostat and thermal safety cut-off. When not in use, the supplied lift-off lid prevents contaminants getting into the oil - ensuring the fryer is ready to go whenever it's needed.

£80 +VAT

Used Buffalo L370 Single Table Top Fryer 3L	(9307)
Used Foster Stainless Steel Single Upright Fridge.
3 x Shelves
Digital controller

£375 +VAT

Used Foster  Stainless Steel Single Upright Fridge	(9311)
We are looking to buy 6 / 10 / 20 / 40 grid Rational combi ovens. Any models (SCC/CPC/CM).
Any condition accepted. Working or not working.
We can pay cash or bank transfer and can collect from you.
We pay some of the best prices for used Rationals in the UK.
We also buy Hobart / Convotherm / Angelo PO / Lincat Combi Ovens.

£500 +VAT

WANTED - Rational combi ovens. SCC / CPC / CM. Working or not working
The Foster FS20 is a an energy-efficient high-performance Ice Cuber, designed for compact conditions and creating consistent results. Adjustable legs provide a height increase for drainage, where required.
Spray system produces crystal clear ice cubes
Patented shaped ice is less inclined to stick together, is harder and lasts longer

£450 £325 VAT Free

Secondhand Fosters Ice machine
Used Hobart FX 800 under counter dishwasher, in great condition with new motor just fitted, three phase electric.
Height: 82cm
Width: 60cm
Depth: 60cm

£849 VAT Free

Hobart under counter dish washer for sale
This contact grill is made by the resound Roller Grill company.
Ideal for cooking paninis, burgers, stakes, chicken, shrimps, Vegetables, bacon, sausages, etc
In good working order, has some surface rust on plates / nothing that won't clean off quickly.
As used in cafes, restaurants and takeaways.

£275 £175 VAT Free each

Roller Grill Contact Grills
| Quantity: 2
Single tank fryer with two baskets (can be used with three)
Used for high volume frying.
Can do the job of two GT46s!
In good clean working order.

£1250 £975 VAT Free

Blueseal GT60
Stott Benham LPG fryer in good working order

£800 £550 VAT Free

Fryer for sale
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