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Make: Rational
Model: Combi Master Plus 101E
Type: 10 Grid Combi Oven + Stand
Power Supply: Three Phase Electric 32 amp
Working order: This oven is in full working order and serviced by our Rational-Qualified Catering Engineer
Cosmetic Condition: Superb Cosmetic Condition
This oven comes with a 3 month parts warranty.

£4000 +VAT

New Bowls
Old warehouse stock / clearance
13.5cm diam x 5cm tall
Capacity 44cl
3plw587x code

£2.50 +VAT each

| Quantity: 300
Used Berkel GLO411 Slicer. Robust slicer with large cutting capacity designed to minimize operator effort.
The precision of the blade and reliable motors for continuous and intensive work allow significant cost savings of your business management.
67cmW x 60cmD x 52cmH

£625 +VAT

Used Hot Cupboard. Single door
Adjustable feet
Thermostat controlled
70cmW x 70cmD x 87cmH

£280 +VAT

New B Grade Polar G609 Pizza Salad Chiller. Ideal for convenient sandwich or salad preparation, the Polar refrigerated servery keeps up to seven ¼-size GN pans of food perfectly chilled and easily accessible. With digital controls and robust stainless steel construction, the servery is both easy to use and effortless to clean.
The built-in continual evaporator and glass surround ensure hygiene and performance are maintained throughout your service, whilst the clever design ensures pans can be quickly swapped out without fuss. A great quality countertop chiller.

£460 +VAT

New B Grade Polar CN402 Bench Fridge. Keep your ingredients close to hand with the Polar G-Series pizza prep counter. By combining reliable chilled food storage capacity alongside an incredibly strong and sturdy granite prep top, it's easy to roll dough, as well as prep other favourites such as wraps, sandwiches or salads.
Behind each door is a single shelf and floor protector, chilled by powerful forced air cooling. This gives you a generous amount of reliable storage, even when the doors are being opened on a regular basis. Digital controls and handy auto-defrost make the counter easy to use and clean, whilst the strong stainless steel exterior more than meets the needs of any busy pro kitchen.

£850 +VAT

Heavy duty
Dry storage rack
W150cm x H181cm x D50cm

£175 +VAT

This compact under counter freezer by Polar is the perfect fridge for kitchens with limited space. It features easy to use controls and comes complete with three fixed sturdy shelves will ensure you have ample storage for your frozen produce.
Brand: Polar
Model: CD081
Power: Single Phase

£250 +VAT

This Pot Boy by IMC will leave your pots pans and other utensils sparkling clean every time.it has low running costs and can be mounted over a sink unit to speed up cleaning times in busy establishments. It features a hydraulic system, whereby the brush is driven by a fluid circuit which provides both electrical isolation and overload protection which makes this pot boy easy and safe to use. This piece of equipment will speed up cleaning within even the most demanding of kitchen settings.
Brand: IMC
Power: Single Phase

£450 +VAT

This stainless steel sink has a spacious sink and one shelf making it ideal for any kitchen. Lip: 45mm, Bowl Height: 290mm, Bowl Width: 610mm, Bowl Depth: 460mm
Height: 920mm / 36 Inches
Width: 1200mm / 47 Inches
Depth: 605mm / 24 Inches

£225 +VAT

This stainless steel sink is perfect for use within any demanding kitchen as it boasts a generous sized sink with two large drainers and comes complete with one shelf. Lip:50mm, Bowl Height:300mm, Bowl Width: 500mm, Bowl Depth: 400mm
Height: 880mm / 35 Inches
Width: 1600mm / 63 Inches
Depth: 600mm / 24 Inches

£275 +VAT

This quality stainless steel sink comes fully complete with a spray arm, a generous sized sink with two drainers and one shelf. Spray Arm: 790mm, Lip: 60mm, Bowl Height: 235mm, Bowl Width:500mm, Bowl Depth:400mm
Height: 860mm / 34 Inches
Width: 1500mm / 59 Inches
Depth: 595mm / 23 Inches

£315 +VAT

This stainless steel table is ideal for use within busy kitchens.
Height: 845mm / 33 Inches
Width: 1300mm / 51 Inches
Depth: 650mm / 26 Inches

£125 +VAT

This Vogue stainless steel table is perfect for your kitchen. It comes complete with one shelf. Lip: 55mm
Height: 905mm / 36 Inches
Width: 1200mm / 47 Inches
Depth: 600mm / 24 Inches

£95 +VAT

This stainless steel table is perfect for use within demanding kitchens and boasts two shelves which provide plenty additional kitchen storage. Space between shelves: 300mm
Height: 890mm / 35 Inches
Width: 1800mm / 71 Inches
Depth: 800mm / 31 Inches

£250 +VAT

This robust three pot bain marie by Burco is ideal for safely heating a wide range of items within any kitchen. It features a dry heat, heating system which eliminates the use for additional water. Additionally, it is able to accommodate up to 1 1/1 GN containers and is supplied with three 1/3 GN containers with lids. The bain marie also has an easy to use control with indicating light to ensure food is kept at the perfect serving temperature.

£95 +VAT

Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to safely store all your frozen produce with ease. This compact prep freezer by polar features a front-mounted filter which makes the counter easy to clean and maintain, whilst the built-in digital control panel and display makes everyday operation of the freezer effortless.
Brand: Polar
Model: G599

£625 +VAT

The medium duty Falcon electric tilt Bratt Pan offers a variety of different cooking options which is ideal for cooking large amounts of foods at once. The bratt pan is capable of griddling, shallow deep frying, boiling, simmering and stewing a wide range of foods making it a very versatile piece of equipment for demanding kitchens. This bratt pan has foot switches at the base of the unit which controls the tilt of the pan making it easier to use within demanding kitchens.

£995 +VAT

This single fridge by Polar is the ideal unit for any busy commercial kitchen it is large enough to accommodate 2/1 GN containers and includes a sturdy self-closing door. The Polar fridge is constructed from sturdy stainless steel and is positioned on robust heavy duty castors making it easy to clean and manoeuvre. The fridge also features fan assisted cooling with a fully automatic controller with a user friendly control panel and display which ensures accurate temperature control. This robust fridge comes fully complete with three shelves which provides ample storage for your busy kitchen.

£450 +VAT

Probably the most admired baked potato oven available, offering the most practical use of space and great merchandising value in a traditional design this potato oven by Victorian Baking Ovens is ideal for your establishment. It features solid black enamelled castings that are still traditionally made in the same way as they were over 200 years ago. The thermostatically controlled oven also has three long-life low elements which allow even cooking without hot spots, a cooking capacity of up to 30 250g potatoes and includes attractive solid brass fittings. Additionally, the independently heated and illuminated display cabinet holds up to 30 ready to serve baked potatoes. The heated display cabinet has all-round visibility which is vital for effective product display.

£635 +VAT

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