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Used Lincat BM7XW Stainless Steel Wet Bain Marie.
Wet Bain Marie with drain tap
Includes 1 x 1/1 Gastro and 2 x 1/2 Gastro pans

£240 +VAT

three pot bain marie
New RM Gastro BM 30 EL Stainless Steel Freestanding 3 Triple Pot Wet Bain Marie.
3 x 1/3 Gastro pans
2 x Storage draws

£375 +VAT

Three pot bain marie
The LRB3 is a compact, well designed and stylish dry heat bain marie supplied with 3 stainless steel round pots and lids. Each round pot has a capacity of 4.5 litres, or 8 pints. This bain marie will maintain hot, pre cooked foods at serving temperature for up to 2 hours, and without any loss of constitution or flavour of the food. Foods which can be successfully held in a bain marie include cheese and pasta sauces, gravies, curries, soups, porridge, as well as the whole gamut of hot vegetable dishes and many other cooked foodstuffs.

£140 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
Ace baine marie with chip scuttle heat lamp large model, supplied with two spare bulbs, once sold new electric mains cable, grommets and plugs will be fitted, removed working from a school in Wiltshire.
No lids for the pots, will be cleaned before postage and Confirmed working.
Not many of these size around.
Price includes delivery on a pallett.

£300 VAT Free

Ace Baine Marie with Chip Scuttle
I have table top bain marie holds 3 full pans compartment pans not included.
Best make by Victor used but in good working order.

£250 £200 VAT Free

3 pot bain marie

£130 including VAT

Ace Wet well Bain Marie with Glass Guard

£50 +VAT

Buy Counter top Bain Marie
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