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Brand new, never been used, electric bain marie
Comes with 3x brand new 1/3 gastronorm pans with lids
Highly flexible machine as the well takes 1x 1/1 gastro container so machine can be used with any denomination of that
(2x 1/2 pans, 4x 1/4 pans etc)

£180 VAT Free each

Drop in bain marie
| Quantity: 2
New HC HC-BMWS3 3 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
Comes with 3 x 1/2 Gastro pans
Glass Display

£375 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
New BM165 Stainless 3 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
Wet Bain Marie with tap.
Includes 3 x 1/3 Gastro pans.

£140 +VAT

New  BM165 Stainless 3 Pot Wet Bain Marie (7682)
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The LRB3 is a compact, well designed and stylish dry heat bain marie supplied with 3 stainless steel round pots and lids. Each round pot has a capacity of 4.5 litres, or 8 pints. This bain marie will maintain hot, pre cooked foods at serving temperature for up to 2 hours, and without any loss of constitution or flavour of the food. Foods which can be successfully held in a bain marie include cheese and pasta sauces, gravies, curries, soups, porridge, as well as the whole gamut of hot vegetable dishes and many other cooked foodstuffs.

£140 +VAT

Bain marie for sale

£250 £200 VAT Free

3 pot bain marie

£50 +VAT each

Buy Counter top Bain Marie
| Quantity: 2
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