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Cutlery polisher in perfect working condition, a great addition to a busy kitchen helping drastically reduce man hours spent polishing cutlery by hand. Still in protective wrapping. Output capability of 3500 units per hour

£1250 +VAT ono

Cutlery polisher for sale

Cutlery Polisher - Kidderminster, Worcestershire

Price: £1580 £1422 +VAT ono
Cutlery Polisher
B Grade Sammic Cutlery Polisher Model: SAMM3001
Power: Electric 13A
Dimensions: 600 x 490 x 400
Description: Dries, polishes and removes lime scale stains from cutlery after washing, Fully automatic, Stainless steel body and polishing tank, Rounded cutlery carousel, avoiding cutlery jams, Economy: saves on personnel costs and quick return of investment, Speed: hourly output of up to 3,000 pieces, Hygiene: the germicidal UVC-ray lamp sterilises both the cutlery and the polishing product.

£1580 £1422 +VAT ono

Cutlery Polisher

Sold Cutlery Polisher - London

Price: £500 +VAT
Cutlery Polishers 2014 model
Cutlery Polisher
In good working order table top model
40x40cm by 30cm h
Approx 2000 pc of stainless steel Cutlery per hour
Price for 2011 model £500
Been test ok
Click here for more info and contact details......

£500 +VAT

Cutlery Polishers 2014 model

Cutlery Polisher - Devon

Price: £1599 VAT Free
Cutlery Polisher - Devon
Frucosol SH-3000.
Good condition has had little use.
Good labour saving piece of equipment.

£1599 VAT Free

Cutlery Polisher - Devon

Sold Cutlery Polisher - Derbyshire

Price: £400 +VAT
Cutlery Polisher
Hyppocampus Cutlery Polisher.

10 Years old but still in good condition and working order.

£400 +VAT

Cutlery Polisher

Sold Cutlery Polishers - Gloucester

Price: £750 £600 +VAT
cutlery polishers
Two Nichem cutlery polishing machines

£750 £600 +VAT

cutlery polishers
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