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Perfect for safely holding sauces, gravy and pre-cooked foods for up to two hours at serving temperature, this dry heat bain marie can accommodate up to three 1/3 GN pots making it perfect for small and large establishments alike.
It features a thermostatic heat control for ease of operation and is supplied without pots.

£45 +VAT

Dry bain marie for sale
The Heat-Max Round Heated Well from Hatco is a multi-purpose, insulated, dry well that offers the flexibility of being a food warmer, soup kettle, Bain-Marie heater, steamer and pasta cooker all in one. With a range of temperature settings, HeatMax can boil pasta and soup noodles, steam dim sum, keep food warm, hold soups, curry, gravies, and toppings at safe serving temperatures. Heat is evenly distributed throughout the unit to hold foods at desired temperatures, and the insulated, stainless steel design offers easy maintenance and durable performance.

£150 inc. VAT

Heated well for sale
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