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Sell your catering equipment
This machine can operate at a uniform temperature range of 8-12°C or a varied/dual temperature range of 8-14°C for snacks and 5- 8°C for drinks.
This vending machine Enables you to offer a great selection of products for your customers. Usually, the bottom shelf will hold a row of cans, then moving upwards a row of PET bottles. Next, 2 shelves of chocolate or snacks and finally, 2 shelves of crisps
All vending machines in the Rondo range feature optic delivery sensors to ensure successful product delivery, or provide a refund for the customer. Other innovations include separated payment system and product areas to stop temperature changes during payment/data collection; and a patented front-mounted heat outlet which allows the vending machine to be placed directly against a rear wall - resulting in a useful 10cm saving.

£1500 £1350 +VAT

capacity to hold up to 72 boxes, each measuring 240mmx165mmx75mm.
As long as it is the same box measurements, anything can be sold from the machine.
Operating this refrigerated marvel is straightforward.

£6000 VAT Free ono

£750 £450 inc. VAT ono

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