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New BM165 Stainless 3 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
Wet Bain Marie with tap.
Includes 3 x 1/3 Gastro pans.

£140 +VAT

New  BM165 Stainless 3 Pot Wet Bain Marie (7682)
Williams - Mobile Heated Trolley
Model: MHC16SS 304 R1
Serial No: 608791
Quantity: 1
Grade B

£1737 £1475 +VAT

Williams food service trolley
Refrigerated grab and go display well. Digital display and temperature setting control. Stainless steel construction with cream coloured sides and back panels. Mobile as mounted on lockable castor. Comes completely SERVICED throughout.

£500 £200 including VAT ono

Chilled unit
Used Lincat LBM2W 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
Comes with 4 x 1/4 Gastro pans

£150 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
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Used Lincat BS6 5 Pot Dry Bain Marie.
Comes with 4 x 1/4 and 1 x 1/2 Gastro pans

£150 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
Model no VCBM4 with optional extra triple tube drop down trayrail and illuminated/heated gantry.

£1500 VAT Free ono

Carvery trolley for sale
Heated Bain Marie and hot cupboard in stainless steel construction
Dimensions 1500 mm l x 700 mm d x 900 mm h.
Bain Marie simmer stat control
Hot Cupboard thermostat control with fan assistance
13amp supply

£400 £325 including VAT

Bain marie for sale
Never been used brand new condition bain marie from top British manufacturer.
Model: LD39 (current model)

£395 VAT Free

Bain marie for sale
New RM Gastro BMV-1115 Table Top Wet Bain Marie with Tap.
1/1 Gastro wet Bain Marie with tap

£110 +VAT

Bain mariw single pot for sale
Used Lincat BA3 2 Pot Dry Bain Marie.
2 Pot Dry Bain Marie with lids

£110 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
Just come into us due to school closure.
Fantastic opportunity to purchase 2 x Bain Marie hot cupboards,
1 x ambient serving counter and 1 x display cart with overhead canopy.

£1495 VAT Free

Bain marie hot cupboard for sale
| Quantity: 4
This smart wet heat Bain Marie is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. It boasts a spacious pass through hot cupboard which is capable of holding large volumes of freshly cooked foods at the perfect serving temperature with ease. The Bain Marie has space for 6 1/1 gastronome containers which is ideal for serving food within a fast pace environment. Additionally it has a two tier heated gantry which has 305mm wide shelves and is securely fitted to the cupboard top. This superb hot cupboard and Bain Marie is the perfect addition to any demanding restaurant, hotel or school.

£750 +VAT

Gas Hot cupboard with bain marie
3x Victor Bain Marie / Hot Cupboard, model BS30HB850L.
In near mint condition having been used a few times only, see pics !
Each unit is exactly the same, holding 3 full size 1/1 Gastronorm containers (not supplied)
Obviously you can put any combination of gastros in e.g. Halves, thirds, meat spikes etc.

£2750 VAT Free

Hot cupboard for sale
| Quantity: 3
New RM Gastro BMPK-2120 Double Wet Bain Marie Trolley.
2 x 1/1 Gastro wet Bain Marie
Individual controls

£350 +VAT

Double bain marie for sale
Provide your customers with a self-serve dining experience they’ll enjoy with this top quality wet heat buffet counter. Perfect for keeping a wide range of hot foods at the perfect serving temperature this buffet counter is accessible from both sides and comes complete with a total of 6 gastronome containers which provide plenty space for your delicious foods. The buffet counter features a marble worktop and has an attractive wooden finish which will look outstanding within your restaurant or hotel.
This unit is supplied with x2 1/1 GN containers and x4 1/2 GN containers.

£695 +VAT

Buffet counter for sale
Used Moffat Carvery Hot Cupboard Bain Marie.
Double sliding door hot cupboard with shelves.
4 x 1/1 Gastro wet Bain Marie.
Comes with 2 x 1/1, 2 x 1/2, 2 x 1/3 and 2 x 1/6 Gastro pans.

£995 +VAT

Hot cupboard for sale
This Lincat dry heat bain marie features 2x ¼ gastronorm pan capacity. Perfect for holding sauces, soups, gravy & pre-cooked foods for up to 2 hours at serving temperature.

£105 +VAT

Bain marie for sale