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(11349) New B Grade Buffalo S047 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie.

Perfect for any commercial kitchen or buffet, the Buffalo bain marie makes it easy to stylishly keep food warm.

Supplied with two 1/3rd size and two 1/6th size gastronorm pans and lids, the Buffalo bain marie is ideal for holding a huge variety of pre-cooked foods such as beans, chilli or gravy at a safe serving temperature. Once service is over, the bain marie is incredibly easy to clean and drain, thanks to stainless steel construction and the handy front-mounted water drainage tap.

£140 +VAT

(11350) New B Grade Buffalo SO07 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie.

The Buffalo bain-marie is the ideal appliance for reliably keeping food warm for extended periods. Perfect for both front of house and back of house use, the bain marie uses wet heat to gently warm food without drying out or burning. For safety, the unit features a built in boil-dry cut-off, helping to protect the internal components if the water runs out.

£110 +VAT

This compact wet heat Bain Marie by Parry is the perfect solution for keeping pre-cooked foods at ready-to-serve temperatures. It comes complete with four 1/4 gastronome containers. The versatility of this machine means that curry, chilli, beans and gravy are kept at safe, hygienic temperatures. The simple thermostat controls and stainless steel construction help to ensure that this Bain Marie is both easy to use and maintain.

£150 +VAT

Wet well,
90cm x 90cm,
Used once on stand

£395 VAT Free

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Electric bain marie/ hot cupboard, comes complete with containers and bulbs for overhead heater. In used condition.

£300 VAT Free

Keep your sauces, soups and gravy at the ideal serving temperature with this wet heat bain marie by Lincat which can accommodate up to 4 x 1/4 100mm deep gastronome containers. Designed to plug in and play the bain marie is highly portable and can be brought out as and when it's required, making it perfect for use within the smallest of kitchen spaces and even event catering. The wet heat method of this bain Marie makes it gentler on delicate foods preventing them from drying out. However, it can also be used as a dry heat bain Marie which makes it a versatile piece of equipment perfect for your kitchen.

£110 +VAT

Metalcarrelli Bain-marie Trolleys - single well - 3x1/1 GN - lower compartments: 3 hot

£650 VAT Free

2 x Lincat silverlink Wet Bain marie
600 bs4w
325h by 450w by 600d

£200 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Suitable for take away businesses
iMettos Bain Marie Wet Heat Depth 150mm with Drain Tap
GN1/1 165/205mm depth

£125 +VAT

Infrico - Dry Heated Bain Marie Display with heated lights
Condition: Ex Demo
Temp Range: +60 ºC / +90 ºC

£999 +VAT

Brand new, never been used wet well bain marie from Infernus.

Comes with 3x 100mm deep 1/3 sized gastronorm pans with lids.

Bain marie designed to take any variance of gastro containers, so could take 2x 1/2 sized gastros or 6x 1/6 sized, whatever you need!

£135 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 2
Brand new, never been used wet well bain marie from Infernus.

Comes with 4x 100mm deep 1/4 sized gastronorm pans with lids and spacer bar to keep pans in place.

Bain marie designed to take any variance of gastro containers, so could take 2x 1/2 sized gastros or 6x 1/6 sized, whatever you need!

£145 VAT Free

We bought new before opening and we never used it. Only the glass cover is missing. we paid 2000 euros in Italy.

£550 inc. VAT

(10822) Used Lincat LBM2W 4 Pot Wet Dry Bain Marie. A durable and versatile form of food storage, this Lincat Lynx 400 Bain Marie comes readily supplied with four quarter size gastronorm pans to ensure you have all you need to begin operating. As a countertop serving appliance, this machine will do great at maintaining your food to achieve the highest profit margin possible. This unit can operate as either a wet or a dry heat bain-marie, allowing you to choose the method of heating that best fits your menus and sauces.

£180 +VAT

Very large hot cupboard on castors.
Has two bain marie
Two deck chef's pass with heat lamps.
Ideal for a restaurant or hotel.

£400 VAT Free

Hot buffet unit, custom made, measures 13ft 2" in length by 2ft 2"(approx). It has 2 spaces on the end to warm plates, able to hold 50 places in each slot, also compartments for cutlery. The other side of the buffet has space for soup and bowls.
Suitable for buffet style restaurant fitted with temperature control dial.
Capable to hold 24 dishes. Dishes with lids available.
Ample storage underneath with sliding doors fitted on one side for easy access. Drainage outlet is fitted with a handle for easy cleaning.

£4995 £4495 VAT Free

Used Victor BM20MS Hot Cupboard Dry Bain Marie. Double sliding doors
2 x Shelves
2 x 1/1 Gastro pans with lids
Digital display

£525 +VAT

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