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This automatic water boiler by Lincat is perfect for supplying your business with hot water instantly. It features a unique built-in-water filtration and advanced on board diagnostics to help determine when operational maintenance is required. The compact water boiler delivers 31 litres of boiling hot water per hour to keep your beverage service continual.
Please note: Comes complete with drip tray.

£225 VAT Free

Lincat Water Boiler (Ref: RHC3224) - Warrington, Cheshire
Ex Demo Lincat EB3F Stainless Steel Table Top Heated Hot Water Boiler.
Unique built-in filtration ensures premium water quality & reduced scale build up
Filter life - approx 4000 Litres
Reduced limescale means higher energy efficiency & lower running costs
Low cost, easy-fit replacement filter cartridges
Lower maintenance & energy costs

£280 +VAT

Water boiler
Used Buffalo CC193 Stainless Steel Table Top Manual Heated Hot Water Boiler.
Manual Fill 30L.
Polished stainless steel body
Boil dry cut-out protection
Concealed element for easy cleaning
Variable temperature control
Non-drip plastic tap

£60 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Very good condition, large, high capacity water boiler.
Model: 6000-9
Capable of delivering up to 500 cups an hour with an instant draw off of 36 litres.
Twin taps for added speed of delivery.
Easy to install, requires a standard dishwasher hose connected to mains. 
Perfect for any busy tea room, cafe or restaurant requiring a large volume of boiling water.
Power: 9kW, 3 phase electric

£400 VAT Free

Instanta Large Automatic Water Boiler
New B Grade Burco PLS AF CT 10L Stainless Steel Table Top Auto Hot Water Boiler.
Variable water temperature range 80-98°c – easy to select your preferred setting

£200 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Used Lincat EB6F Large Table Top Auto Feed Water Boiler. The Lincat EB6F is one of a new generation of filtration water boilers from UK manufacturer Lincat and comes with a 2 year parts and labour warranty. Designed in a pleasing contemporary style, it is ideal for front of house or self-service operations.

£360 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Ex Demo Buffalo GL347 Stainless Steel Table Top Hot Water Boiler Urn. Powerful and versatile, the Buffalo 20Ltr manual fill water boiler is ideal for mobile caterers, B&Bs, guesthouses, village halls, offices and staff rooms. Perfect for breakfast service where access to water is limited, the kettle is easy to clean and portable - and features fully-welded stainless steel construction with a concealed 2600W element. The control dial allows the temperature to be regulated as required and the non-drip tap is strong and durable enough to withstand daily use in a commercial environment. Reliable and durable, the Buffalo commercial water urn is a valuable addition to any professional catering establishment.

£50 +VAT

Water urn for sale
Used Caterlite J722 Stainless Steel Table Top Hot Water Boiler Urn. Refresh your guests with a large 20 litre capacity Caterlite manual fill water boiler, which combines convenience and simplicity in its design. Featuring easy to use controls and stainless steel twin walled construction, the Caterlite water boiler is effortless to fill, operate and clean. The tea urn also offers the convenience of not having to be plumbed in, so it's perfect for light duty mobile catering or for being used in areas without an easily accessible mains water supply. For convenience, the urn also features a water level meter and an automatic boil dry safety cut-off, which is easily reset using the handy base mounted button.

£40 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Ex Demo Lincat EB6FX Stainless Steel Table Top Hot Water Boiler Urn. For high volume requirements
High quality boiling water on tap 24 hours a day
Easily operated from a large, colour touchscreen display

£375 +VAT

Secondhand Water boiler
Excellent condition, very popular boiler from top British manufacturer.
Stainless steel construction.
Capacity: 9lt, 31lt of boiling water per hour
Temperature range: 70 - 98 degrees C
Built in water filtration system
Easy operation from large LED control panel

£250 VAT Free

Lincat EB3F Automatic Water Boiler
Capacity: 200 – 450 litres - 3 to 9 Incoloy-sheathed elements with a maximum rating of 54 kW
Each element is independently controlled via its own control thermostat (adjustable: 49 – 82°C) and a manually resettable high-limit thermostat

£1295 including VAT

Water boiler for sale

Sold 2x Urns - Soham, Cambridgeshire

Price: £10 ono VAT Free
Urns for sale
This item has been well used but has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is in full working order.

£10 ono VAT Free

Urns for sale
| Quantity: 2
New B Grade Burco BC AF CT 20L Large Table Top Auto Feed Water Boiler.
Large tank capacity unit - suitable for most premises
Only 344mm wide – ideal for busy counter space
Dispenses up to 206 cups per hour

£290 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Used Buffalo CC192 Stainless Steel Manual Fill Water Boiler. The Buffalo CC192 is a manual fill commercial water boiler which is ideal for countertop use in most catering establishments including mobile catering vans. Fully welded stainless steel construction for easy cleaning and greater hygiene. Durable and robust for long working life. 51cmW x 40cmD x 50cmH Used – May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.
3 Months Parts and 3 Months Labour Warranty

£80 +VAT

Used Buffalo CC192 Stainless Steel Manual Fill Water Boiler	(6300)
Used Burco Bowl 20L DLX Stainless Steel LPG Hot Water Boiler. Perfectly suited for mobile catering, the British made 20 litre manual fill Burco Deluxe Water Boiler includes many features to benefit the caterer on the move. Designed to use propane gas, the Burco uses convenient piezo ignition for fast, reliable lighting and a powerful 3.5kW burner for rapid heat-up. This model also features securable feet which enable safe and stable placement in catering vehicles.

£170 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Used Burco Bowl 20L STD Stainless Steel LPG Water Boiler.
Used – May have cosmetic damage.

£150 +VAT

Used water boiler for sale
We are currently selling these items on as we do not have the space for them in our current mobile catering set-up. We need the space for more prep and service space to focus on our food.
American Metal Ware are famous for their strong and capable equipment. The specifications that follow are for Model No. 7773E which is the electric version of the more efficient LPG gas powered version we are selling today. The second urn we have is slightly different in style and has been used with signs of ware. However, it is also LPG gas powered and is capable of a similarly high output and level of efficiency.
LPG Gas Powered,
1st NEW & UNUSED, 2nd Used but recently uninstalled (Model No. 7773 & TBC)

£1350 £972 ono VAT Free

Coffee urns for sale
| Quantity: 2

Burco Boiler - Ladbroke Grove, London

Price: £120 ono VAT Free
Water boiler for sale

£120 ono VAT Free

Water boiler for sale
Electric ENW-100S water boiler.
Ex demo.
13 Amp electric.
Manual fill. 10 Ltr capacity.
30cmW x 25cmD x 45cmH.

£40 +VAT

Used water boiler for sale UK
Water (3 litres) quickly at the correct temperature. Thanks to the connection to the water mains, the machine is automatically filled with water. Including drip tray. For locations with water connection and provided with automatic level control. Great boiler, ideal for any cafe/restaurant. Only a year old and only really used for 6 months so is like new with no scale etc. Good capacity, has always kept up with quick service. Recently PAT tested (January), comes with lid, drip tray, and braided water hose.

£350 ono VAT Free

Water boiler for sale
Perfect for serving a large amount of customers this smart coffee percolator brews large quantities of coffee into two separate containers. But if this does not meet your specifications please contact us as we have more items like this in stock. This robust and high-quality percolator has stainless steel housing with two containers which monitor the quality of the coffee. It features digital display with the ability to monitor total and daily usage. Additionally it has a coffee is ready signal, built in timer and optimum security provisions all of which helps with your service requirements. This percolator comes complete with two 5 litre containers.


Commercial water boiler
Convenient and cost-efficient, the CH1000 gives the flexibility of filtered hot and chilled water on tap. Compact and reliable with easy to use non-drip taps to provide over 60 cups per hour of chilled water below 11°C (depending on ambient room temperature) and hot water at a constant 98°C.
Constant hot water at 97°C
Saves the cost, storage and transport of bottled water
In-line filter for fresh, clean-tasting water
Easy to use non-drip taps

£615 +VAT

Water boiler / water chiller

Instanta CT4000 - Chesterfield

Price: £250 VAT Free
Larger water boiler
The ct 40000 is designed for situations where large volumes are needed in a short period. Featuring twin taps for speedy delivery and built-in 3 micron filtration with a programmable counter.

£250 VAT Free

Larger water boiler

Water Boiler - Ilford, Essex

Price: £200 £180 ono VAT Free
Water Boiler
Lincat EB3F water boiler with built in water filtration system which improves water quality and reduces limescale build up.
Fantastic condition. 2 Years old.

£200 £180 ono VAT Free

Water Boiler
The Parry GWB6P LPG Gas Water Boiler. Brand new and never used. Just some signs of cosmetic wear from being stored. Comes with spare parts

£120 including VAT

Gas water boiler for sale
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