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Lincat EB3 autofill water boilier refurbished descaled new lid seal level probes fitted, in good working order
Single phase 13 amp plug top

£85 VAT Free

Water boiler for sale
Used Marco A0620 Manual Hot Water Boiler 20L
Litre manual fill water boiler

£40 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Instanta CT2000 descaled new level probes and lid seal fully tested and in good working order

£100 £95 including VAT

Water boiler
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£95 £90 including VAT

Water boiler for sale
his high performing counter top boiler by Instanta is the perfect solution for your hot drink requirements. Features a fast 16minute heat up time and a minimum hourly output of 27 litres (162 cups) of boiling hot water.
Ideal for hotels, restaurants and cafes where space is at a premium.

£175 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Water heater, ideally if you don't want to use your boiler.

£50 VAT Free ono

Water heater for sale
Made to Instanta's exacting specification criteria, the Instanta CTS10 (1500 POU) is the boiling water solution for small to medium sized catering establishments. It has a large capacity of 10 litres with a fast heat up time of 32 minutes from cold, which is ideal for customers who demand quality and reliability. Temp Range: Up to 96, Output 27 Ltr/hr

£195 +VAT

Water boiler
Used Instanta CPF4100-3 17 Litre Twin Tapped Autofill Boiler with Filtration. 13amp, single phase, includes waterhose and supplied with new filter. This item has been checked, serviced, cleaned, and is guaranteed working.

£450 £349 VAT Free

Water boiler for sale
Used Lincat EB6F Auto Feed Water Boiler. What makes this model particularly special is a built-in filtration system - up to now a bulky separate machine was required. The filter cartridge is incorporated within the boiler casing, has a lifespan of 4000 litres and is inexpensive and easy to replace.

£380 +VAT

Water boiler for sale

£200 £150 VAT Free ono

Water Boiler
This Marco water boiler with push button dispense function providing instant unlimited hot water from your countertop. Features a fast heat up time of 30 minutes with an output of 156 cups per hour.
This water boiler will need to be plumbed into the mains supply.
Brand: Marco
Model: Eco Boiler PB10
Power: Single Phase

£195 +VAT

Water boiler push button dispense function

£85 including VAT

Water boiler for sale
Capacity: 200 – 450 litres - 3 to 9 Incoloy-sheathed elements with a maximum rating of 54 kW
Each element is independently controlled via its own control thermostat (adjustable: 49 – 82°C) and a manually resettable high-limit thermostat

£1295 including VAT

Water boiler for sale
Used Lincat EB3F Stainless Steel Table Top Heated Hot Water Boiler Auto.
The Lincat EB3F is part of the FilterFlow range of automatic water boilers, which features unique built-in water filtration and advanced onboard diagnostics to help determine when descaling or other operational maintenance is required.

£295 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Used SwitchOn Solent 20L ENW-200S Stainless SteeL Hot Water Boiler. Perfectly suited for mobile catering, 20 litre manual fill water boiler. The ENW-200S uses a powerful 2.5kW for rapid heat-up.

£79.99 +VAT

Used water boilers for sale
| Quantity: 3
Used SwitchOn Solent 10L ENW-200S Stainless SteeL Hot Water Boiler. Perfectly suited for mobile catering, 20 litre manual fill water boiler. The ENW-200S uses a,powerful 2.5kW for rapid heat-up.

£59.99 +VAT

Water boiler for sale
Marco Ecosmart PB10 water boiler: used 10 litre boiler, less than a year old, has been absolutely fantastic (much better than the Burco we had before!) and only selling due to the closure of the business. Very reliable, consistent temperature and easy to use. Also comes with the drip tray but forgot to include in the picture.

£280 VAT Free ono

Water boiler