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Excellent condition, powerful little water boiler with large capacity and draw off.

Boiler also has inbuilt diagnostics giving you warnings for scale build up and other problems that effect performance which allows you to prevent a breakdown and keep the boiler working as efficiently as possible all the time.

Can dispense 206 cups per hour! or 31 litres. Which an instant draw off of 11.5lt.

£195 VAT Free

All Lincat FilterFlow water boilers are fitted with built-in sensors to detect the presence of limescale. If your unit notifies you that it needs descaling, the on-screen instructions provide a simple step-by-step guide as to how to run the descaling routine. The descaling routine takes around an hour to complete, so it's important to minimise the impact by starting the descaling when demand is low. If your boiler is particularly scaled up, you can perform a manual descaling routine. Here's how.

£380 +VAT each

| Quantity: 5
EB3FX/PB - Lincat FilterFlow FX Counter-top Automatic Fill Push-button Water Boiler - W 250 mm - 3.0 kW
The FilterFlow Automatic Fill Electric Push-button Water Boiler comes with a lockable mode making it ideal for locations with vulnerable individuals, such as prisons or care homes.

£500 +VAT

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Water (4.5 litres) quickly at the correct temperature. Thanks to the connection to the water mains, the machine is automatically filled with water. The indicator lamp of the HWA 50 indicates when the content has reached the correct temperature. Equipped with automatic level control. (NO drip tray)

£350 £150 +VAT

2 x Buffalo 10 litre auto fill hot water boilers.
Good condition with little use.

£175 £150 VAT Free ono each

| Quantity: 2
Product Info: A true evolution of the hugely popular Lincat EB3F Water Boiler, the EB3FX allows you to quickly boil and dispense large quantities of piping hot water for tea, coffee, and other hot drinks. Using advanced technology, the new Lincat water boiler is smaller, more efficient and more user-friendly, all without losing any performance.

With innovative features such as the Eco setting to save energy during quieter periods, a simple new descaling mode and precise temperature adjustment, the Lincat EB3FX is a truly advanced water boiler for the busy commercial caterer.

£250 VAT Free

(10824) New B Grade Caterlite K711 Airpot Hot Water Boiler. With its large 4.25 litre capacity and attractive, contemporary design, the Caterlite Electric Airpot is a portable, compact manual fill water boiler perfectly suited for meeting rooms, waiting areas, breakfast services or small scale mobile catering.

£30 +VAT

The Lincat EB4F filter flow automatic fill water boiler with a single tap is an electric boiler capable of putting out a whopping 45 litres per hour and rapid draw off of 9 litres. This high quality boiler has a built in filtration cartridge for areas with harder water, an electronic control system and has an adjustable temperature of between 70-96 °C so you can make the perfect cup of tea or coffee.

£245 +VAT ono

£200 VAT Free

| Quantity: 2
(10358) Ex Demo Burco J795 Water Boiler 8 L Manual. Compact and portable, the 8 litre Baby Burco Water Boiler is ideal for small scale establishments or areas without direct access to mains water. With a powerful 2kW element and adjustable heat settings, this high quality compact manual fill hot water urn also features an automatic safety shut-off to prevent boiling dry. Easy to use, clean and maintain.

£50 +VAT

Instanta water boiler, dispenses both hot and chilled water, these cost over £1600 new

£195 VAT Free ono

£225 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
Convenient and cost-efficient, the CH1000 gives the flexibility of filtered hot and chilled water on tap. Compact and reliable with easy to use non-drip taps to provide over 60 cups per hour of chilled water below 11°C (depending on ambient room temperature) and hot water at a constant 98°C.
Constant hot water at 97°C
Saves the cost, storage and transport of bottled water
In-line filter for fresh, clean-tasting water
Easy to use non-drip taps

£615 £553.50 +VAT

50 litres per hour with 18 litres immediate draw off
Internal condensing for reduced steam emission
High output / low maintenance

£295 £215 +VAT

(10178) Ex Demo Caterlite J709 Water Boiler 10 L Manual.

With its large 8 litre capacity and stylish good looks, the Caterlite manual fill water urn combines simplicity and convenience in its design.

£30 +VAT

£900 +VAT ono

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