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Shorter tables - 1m Or Less : Longer tables More than 2m

Quality stainless steel table feature an undercounter shelf and comes complete with a large rear upstand.

£175 +VAT

Quality stainless steel table features an undercounter shelf and is the perfect preperation table for any commercial kitchen.

£135 +VAT

Stainless steel table is the ideal prep worktop for your commercial kitchen.

£115 +VAT

Stainless steel table features two undercounter shelves and comes complete with adjustable feet.

£175 +VAT

Useful in any kind of commercial kitchen, this stainless steel prep table can be quickly and easily moved into position. It is 190cm long and has a shelf underneath the work surface where boxes and such can be stored.

£350 +VAT

This prep table is suitable for any commercial kitchen or food preparation area. It is 180cm long and has a shelf underneath the table top for storage

£300 +VAT

This stainless steel prep table is perfect for kitchens where space is a bit more limited. It is 120cm long and has a shelf underneath for boxes and storage. The table also has a shelf underneath the work surface suitable for boxes and storage.

£250 +VAT

This drainage table has been designed to extend the area for wash units to give more space for drying trays. It is 150cm long and features two parallel ridges for trays to slide along, as well as raised upstands on either side to prevent the spillage of water.

£300 +VAT

This stainless steel serving table is designed for a busy commercial kitchen. It has two shelves, both complete with 12cm upstands allowing plenty of space for storage and serving.

£300 +VAT

This good quality fully welded 2 Metre Stainless Steel Table with under shelf and upstand also includes a centre bar for extra support.

£195 +VAT

Sturdy stainless steel work surface is incredibly easy to wipe clean and keep hygienic, making it perfect for all kinds of food preparation tasks. The addition of a 60mm rear upstand helps to protect nearby walls from splashes and stops food or equipment from falling down behind, keeping your kitchen even cleaner.

£170 £140 inc. VAT

Used Stainless Table.
Adjustable feet

£150 +VAT

This stainless steel table comes with shelving and wire baskets which makes it perfect for storing various items. It is positioned on castors for easy movement within your kitchen.

£210 +VAT

Heavy duty stainless steel preparation table features an overhead gantry with two shelves and comes complete with an undercounter shelf. Perfect for any busy commercial kitchen.

£225 +VAT

1800 x 600 with Shelf
1500 x 600 with Shelf

£350 inc. VAT ono

| Quantity: 2
Both straight however one can be used in a corner if required.
Both have 1 shelf underneath
- first bench is: 750 x 1300
- second bench is: 700 x 120

£100 £80 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
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