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Southern Pride Smoke Chef
Commercial bbq smoking cabinet
In excellent working condition.
32amp single phase electric.
On wheels with digital programming.
Rrp £6k.

£1850 VAT Free

This counter top smoker is perfect for both hot and cold smoking of a wide range of meat and fish it has optimal air circulation with very rapid heating which allows you to smoke a wide range of items within minimal time. Produce can be cooked in their own juices without the addition of fat intern producing healthier smoked items.

£225 +VAT

A used Low temp, cook, hold and smoker oven.
IN good working condition. Worth £7,500.00
Reduce Shrinkage, Natural Browning
Designed to not require a hood
Two ovens, only one plug

£3500 VAT Free

I have outstanding and very unique BBQ mobile trailer for sale. It can serve huge festivals and busy markets easily but also smaller events like birthdays, weddings, private parties etc.
We have been trading at Isle of Wight Festival, Wireless, Alexandra Palace Street Food and Craft Beer Festivals and more. It can really serve crazy queues. This monster can take hundreds of kilograms of meat at the same time.
Sadly we have to sell it as this is our second business and we can’t give it 100% of our attention, if you will take care of it properly, focus on it and work hard it will gives you joy and fat wallet as well.

£60000 VAT Free ono

£13000 £10000 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 2

£4800 inc. VAT ono

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