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Used Clearing Trolley.
Comes with 8 trays 36 x 45cm
49cmW x 57cmD x 135cmH

£110 +VAT

Used Clearing Trolley (8452)
Quartz marble
Wide 55x35depth
Height 65 cm

£40 +VAT

Tray rack for sale
Stainless steel racking features three slots perfect for storing oven trays etc.
Height: 910mm, Worktop Height: 860mm, Width: 410mm, Depth: 425mm

£65 +VAT

Stainless steel rack / table
Used Stainless Steel Gastro Trolley.
Holds 22 trays 35 x 52cm
79cmW x 52cmD x 143cmH

£160 +VAT

Tray rack trolley
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Used stainless steel 3 tier rack/trolley. On castors.
Used - May have cosmetic damage. All Gas & Electrical appliances are fully tested.

£220 £180 +VAT

steel trolley
Stainless steel dish washer run.
Shelf above.
Space for 6 trays.
Size 121cmW x 80cmD x 138cmH.

£200 £100 +VAT

Stainless Steel Dish Washer Run
Used trolley
4 trolleys

£300 +VAT

Clearing trollies
| Quantity: 4
his stainless steel sink features an undercounter shelf and racking slots for trays etc.
Height: 990mm
Worktop Height: 950mm
Width: 1400mm
Depth: 650mm

£225 +VAT

Single sink with rack

£12.50 £9 VAT Free ono

Glass washer racks for sale
| Quantity: 20
New B Grade Black 3 Tier Restaurant Trolley.
3 tier trolley

£110 +VAT

Clearing trolley for sale
New B Grade Vogue Double 2 Tier Clearing Trolley.
2 Tier Trolley

£70 +VAT

Clearing trolley for sale
New B Grade Vogue Stainless Steel Triple 3 Tier Trolley.
3 tier trolley

£120 +VAT

Service trolley
2x trolley tray sliders / holders
Size 170h by 57d by 86w
24 trays per unit
On wheels
Like new in excellent condition

£150 +VAT

Tray Trolley
| Quantity: 2
Commercial stainless steel mobile bakery tray racking. Various sizes. Stock changing just drop me a line
I have other mobile tray./gastronorm racks just drop me a line
One or 2 have bars that have come off which need to be be reattached

£90 VAT Free ono

Steel tray racking for sale
| Quantity: 8

£30 VAT Free ono

Stainless steel catering trolley for sale
| Quantity: 2
This is a stainless steel racking trolley.
Please note: This is a secondhand piece of equipment and may feature slight wear or defects to the stainless steel surface.

£90 VAT Free

Stainless steel gastronorm racking

£100 including VAT

Vogue gastronorm trolley
| Quantity: 2
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