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This fryer has been fully serviced and tested by our qualified engineers. In good condition. 450mm high performance single pan pasta cooker, 40 litre water capacity

£650 +VAT

Pasta cooker
This quality boiling pan by Fagor is perfect for preparing and cooking a wide range of foods. It features a counter balanced hinged lid, stainless steel burner which is controlled by a safety valve. It also has a water inlet solenoid valve and hot or cold water selector switch which ensures this boiling pan can be used for both boiling and brining foods within your busy restaurant. The front pot drainage tap ensures effortless and efficient cleaning and operation.

£2250 +VAT

Boiling pan for sale
This superb Frymaster 8kw pasta boiler holds 3lbs of dry pasta and boasts the industry’s largest overflow drain, to virtually eliminate the chance of clogs. The auto Fill/starch skimmer keeps water levels at the correct height and removes excess starch residue.
Please Note: This high quality Pasta boiler is in fantastic condition, less than 18 months old.

£1710 £750 +VAT

Pasta boiler
Provide your customers with authentic pasta cooked to perfection with this quality pasta boiler by Pitco. It has a spacious basket and has a tank overflow which prevents the water from flowing over and features a standard port opening drain valve which ensures that any pasta dish is cooked perfectly for your customers.

£550 +VAT

Gas fryer for sale
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1 year brand new Pasta Counter cooking station
which includes: pasta cooker x2, Induction hob x2
4 freezer drawer, 5x 1/6 bain marie spot drop in well
4x 1/6 refrigereted spot drop in well

£7000 +VAT

Italian cooking counter
Provide your customers with perfect pasta prepared within this top quality pasta boiler by Blue Seal. It is fitted with integrated water fill and starch skimming water faucet. Additionally the easy to use controls with three power settings boil, simmer and standby.
This smart Blue Seal pasta boiler is positioned on two adjustable front feet with two casters at the rear ensuring easy movement and positioning within your busy restaurant.
It has been used for a month in an Italian restaurant before shutting so is in very good condition.

£1200 inc. VAT each

Gas Pasta Boiler
| Quantity: 2
The Round Heated Well from Hatco is a multi-purpose, insulated, dry well that offers the flexibility of being a foodwarmer, soup kettle, Bain-Marie heater, steamer and pasta cooker all in one.
Heat is distributed evenly throughout the unit to maintain desired temperatures.
Has 3 temperature setpoints of low, medium and high for warming, steaming and boiling.
Includes a low-power mode for increased economy.

£400 VAT Free

Hatco RHW Double Heated Well
Serve your customers outstanding pasta dishes cooked to perfection within this outstanding pasta boiler by leading brand Frymaster. This top quality pasta boiler features programmable controls which makes it easy to produce perfectly cooked pasta every time no matter what type of pasta.

£495 +VAT

Pasta boiler for sale
Used Lincat pasta boiler, cost over £2000 new, three phase electric, lid and 5 baskets included.

£995 VAT Free

Pasta boiler for sale
New RM Gastro VT60EL Electric Pasta Cooker. Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304 at top, AISI 430 0,8 mm in casing. Heating element in the basin from Incoloy 820, resistant to the corrosion of salt. The dump valve (ball - shaped) is placed in the front. Thermostat for smooth regulation 30 - 110 C, safety thermostat against appliance damage for 130 C. Size of the basin GN ½ - 200.

£450 +VAT

pasta cooker for sale
We are selling either separately or as a package the following catering equipment:
  • Silver 4 Baskets Pasta Boiler £450
  • Silver Grill vapour radiant heat cooking £450
  • Tall wooden lockable Wine Cabinet Fridge £450
  • 2 Italian chandeliers in dark bronze £50/each
Or as a package fantastic deal £1200
All Equipment in excellent condition, clean and ready to be installed. Instruction manuals available for some of them.

£1200 VAT Free

Catering Equipment in Excellent Condition
Heavy duty pasta boiler
17ltr tanks
With water fill
3 phase supply
Cleaned and tested ok

£750 +VAT

heavy duty pasta boiler
Valentine Multicooker VMC 3 (Built-in) Pasta Boiler/ Cooker
Can be connected to a Single phase or 3 Phase
Originally built-in a stainless steel unit by Valentine
Condition: Brand New
The unit is still in its stainless steel protective film (please check the pictures)

£1300 VAT Free ono

Valentine Multicooker VMC-3 Built-in Commercial Pasta Boiler Noodles Cooker *Brand New*
Item used
Missing a water valve but still fully functional
110cm high X 90cm deep X 40cm wide
Reasonable offers considered

£800 VAT Free ono

Angelo PO Pasta Boiler
Price to sell
VMC02 3 phase no baskets

£295 VAT Free

Valentine Pasta Boiler
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