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The FWE LCH-6S CE Electric Cook & Hold Oven is renowned as a high quality 'cook and hold' oven whose expert engineering offers reduced food shrinkage and an increase in food quality, taste and appearance. Made from welded stainless steel, it is Gastronorm compatible, has two fixed and two braked swivel castors, as well as fully adjustable universal tray slides. Both cooking and holding temperatures are adjustable and unit switches automatically from cook to hold mode. Combining radiant and convection heat allows meats to brown naturally and greatly increases yield and profitability. When not being used for cooking, these ovens can be used for holding prepared foods. When used for reheating or holding prepared foods, these ovens reduce drying, shrinkage and flavor loss.

£3995 £3587 +VAT

Cook and hold oven for sale
New Infernus 108CV Large Cook & Hold Convection Oven.
Model No: INF-6A

£650 +VAT

Cook and hold oven for sale
Bake and grill ovens, ex hire equipment fits gastro trays runs of 13 amp with a fly lead, has buzzer large popular ovens price for both but would sell separately

£600 VAT Free ono

Burco bake off oven for sale
FWE Low Temperature Cook & Hold Ovens produce a superior product. With radiant and gentle air circulation, foods cook with natural browning - no additional browning agents or rubs are required! Food juices are retained inside the meat so there is less shrinkage. Vegetables retain their rich color and nutrition. Breads, rolls, desserts, apple pie and cookies brown evenly for a golden presentation.
Price is for each oven I will do a deal on all 4 £650 each or £1200 for a pair

£650 VAT Free each

FWE LCH 65 cf Cook And Hold Oven
| Quantity: 4
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Stainless steel
Heavy duty
13 amp plug top
Food Texture: +0 - +80
Digital Display
Door w/ Latch Handle

£1200 inc. VAT ono

Winstons cvap b series cooking and holding unit
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