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This quality tandoori oven is an essential piece of equipment for any Indian restaurant. It features a hardened inner surface with hand crafted stone clay body. The clay used to make the oven is of the finest quality and has been strengthened using traditional natural materials which have been used for centuries in the making of oven pots. This tandoori oven comes fully complete with hot stones, lid and a total of 13 skewers making it ready for use within your demanding restaurant.
The clay interior of this oven is in excellent condition please see images.

£649 +VAT

This 9 burner Indian cooker is an essential piece of equipment within any Indian restaurant. It features 9 quality burners each with 83 jets per burner, removable trays under the burners for easy cleaning and maintenance. The cooker comes complete with spice rack and shelf to safely store pans when not in use. The cooker is also positioned on casters for easy movement within your business.

£625 +VAT

Indian - Tiffin 4 Pyramid Tier
This has 4 sections, all differing in sizing and an extra strong closing mechanism. Very durable and built to last, they have come straight from India where this type of item has been used for centuries and are still used today.
We bought for our restaurant but did not get to use them.
Never used- brand new

£10 £9 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 10
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This Shahi Tandoori Oven is ideal for making perfect tandoori food.
Features a well-insulated design to ensure low operation costs.
Ideal for any takeaway or restaurant.

£295 +VAT

2 tier Crystal Lazy Susan can ideally fit both 5ft & 6ft Round Table. Many Caterers and Venues have mix of these tables, so to make the Lazy Susan more adaptable, The Crystal Lazy Susan that has a lower base of lesser diameter which makes it house plates and cutlery more comfortably, while the upper level is of bigger diameter which can still house 8 bowls perfectly and drinks. In addition, the converging design from top to bottom makes it look fantastic, so is the name Converging Crystal Lazy Susan.

£180 £60 inc. VAT ono

Electric Tandoor - 3 phase (see picture for size)
Almost new, Never Used.

£800 ono each

| Quantity: 2
About 45 Kebab tandoori skewers about 80cm long there are a couple longer, various thickness sizes, supplied with a stainless steel container size is 80cm tall and 20cm square which was made for holding the skewers.

£250 £225 VAT Free

Successful sale in a short time.

£50 VAT Free ono

£1500 VAT Free

£750 +VAT each

| Quantity: 2
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