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Hot Cupboard with 4x 1/1 Gastronorm Bain Marie
Tray rail
Sneeze guard

£750 VAT Free

4 Gastronorm Bain Marie

£150 +VAT

This Falcon dry well 4 pots Bain Marie is the ideal unit for busy restaurants, takeaways or self-service areas. With its versatile, high capacity warm food storage; it’s able to provide the hygienic server of curry, chilli, stews or vegetables either as self-service or part of a busy kitchen. It fits 4x GN 1/2. It also comes with a two-shelf cupboard underneath, perfect for the storage of plates ready for service.

£350 +VAT

(11665) Brand New Infernus BM HSL 4 Bain Marie.

Wet Bain Marie

Supplied with 4 x 1/4 Gastros

£130 +VAT

(11349) New B Grade Buffalo S047 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie.

Perfect for any commercial kitchen or buffet, the Buffalo bain marie makes it easy to stylishly keep food warm.

Supplied with two 1/3rd size and two 1/6th size gastronorm pans and lids, the Buffalo bain marie is ideal for holding a huge variety of pre-cooked foods such as beans, chilli or gravy at a safe serving temperature. Once service is over, the bain marie is incredibly easy to clean and drain, thanks to stainless steel construction and the handy front-mounted water drainage tap.

£140 +VAT

Brand new, never been used wet well bain marie from Infernus.

Comes with 4x 100mm deep 1/4 sized gastronorm pans with lids and spacer bar to keep pans in place.

Bain marie designed to take any variance of gastro containers, so could take 2x 1/2 sized gastros or 6x 1/6 sized, whatever you need!

£145 VAT Free

(10822) Used Lincat LBM2W 4 Pot Wet Dry Bain Marie. A durable and versatile form of food storage, this Lincat Lynx 400 Bain Marie comes readily supplied with four quarter size gastronorm pans to ensure you have all you need to begin operating. As a countertop serving appliance, this machine will do great at maintaining your food to achieve the highest profit margin possible. This unit can operate as either a wet or a dry heat bain-marie, allowing you to choose the method of heating that best fits your menus and sauces.

£180 +VAT

This super 4-pot Bain Marie keeps all your sauces at the perfect temperature for serving. It has a great presentation. Ideal for keeping sauces and food warm.
Please note: All new stock comes with a 12 month warranty parts & labour

£230 +VAT

With its stainless steel construction and hi-efficiency burners, the unit allows professionals to gently heat separate foods/ sauces like vegetables, chilli, gravy, pasta and lots more. The unit is supplied with 4 x 7 Litre Round Pots & lids. The unit is set for LPG gas but comes with a NAT gas conversion kit, making it ideal for all commercial catering establishments; PERFECT for mobile catering and professional kitchens.
-LPG Ready / Natural Gas Jets Included for Conversion

£295 +VAT

This super 4-pot Bain Marie keeps all your sauces at the perfect temperature for serving. It has a great presentation. Ideal for keeping sauces and food warm.

£230 +VAT

Brand New Imettos 101050 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
The iMettos Bain Marie is perfect for keeping pre-cooked food and sauces at the correct temperature for serving.

£340 +VAT

£100 inc. VAT ono

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