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Used Buffalo S007 Bain Marie Wet 4 Pot. The Buffalo bain marie is the ideal appliance for reliably keeping food warm for extended periods. Perfect for both front of house and back of house use, the bain marie uses wet heat to gently warm food without drying out or burning. For safety, the unit features a built in boil-dry cut-off, helping to protect the internal components if the water runs out.

£140 +VAT

Gastronorm Bain Marie
Brand New Imettos 101050 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie.
The iMettos Bain Marie is perfect for keeping pre-cooked food and sauces at the correct temperature for serving.

£340 +VAT

Brand New Imettos 101050 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie (9015)
New HC HC-BMW3 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie
1/1 Gastro wet Bain Marie
Comes with 4 x 1/4 Gastro pans and lids
With tap

£180 +VAT

HC HC-BMW3 4 Pot Wet Bain Marie
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Used King Edward BM1 Stainless Steel Table Top 4 Pot Dry Bain Marie Warmer.
4 x 1/6 Gastro pans

£170 +VAT

Bain marie for sale
The Lincat BS4W is a wet heat bain marie supplied with 4 round stainless steel pots and lids. Each pot has a capacity of 4.5 litres, or 8 pints. This unit is ideal for safely holding sauces, gravies and pre cooked foods for up to 2 hours at serving temperature.

£285 +VAT

Four pot bain marie
Roband BM4-UK wet bain marie.
13 Amp electric.
Comes with 1 x 1/1 Gastro and 3 x 1/3 Gastro trays.
68cmW x 56cmD x 32cmH.

£290 +VAT

Used bain marie
In great condition.
4.5 Litres in each pot. Ideal for holding hot soups, stews, curries, gravy etc.
It is missing 2 lids - I'm sure you can buy these for a few quid in Nisbets in Commercial Road.

£180 £160 VAT Free

Wet Well Bain Marie
Lincat 4 pot table top Bain Marie:
  • Dry Bain Marie 600deep 450 wide
  • Complete with 4 round pots and lids
  • Single 13 amp plug
In excellent condition. Little used.

£100 +VAT ono

Lincat Table Top Bain Marie - Bridgend, South Wales
This is a fully working Lincat 4 pot wet well bain marie in great clean condition

£150 inc. VAT ono

Lincat 4 Pot Wet Well Bain Marie - Manchester
Lincat 4 pot Bain Marie
Good clean condition
No pots

£100 inc. VAT ono

Lincat 4 pot Bain Marie

£175 VAT Free each

Bain-Marie four pan
| Quantity: 2
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