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30Ltr. 13A. 1.4kW Convection/1kW Microwave/1.9kW Radiant. Vent Free
Capacity 9.8Ltr
Cooks up to six times faster than traditional ovens

£2495 VAT Free ono

Compact and user-friendly, the C0223M Lincat Convector oven makes achieving fantastic cooking results much simpler. With manual dial controls, there's no complicated programming or digital timers - simply set the temperature and timer and let the Lincat do the rest.
Two-speed bi-directional fans not only provide impressive heat distribution throughout the interior - they also add flexibility to the oven. If you're cooking delicate dishes, the slow function ensures the food keeps its structure whilst still cooking effectively.

£1100 inc. VAT ono

Whether you’re baking pies, pizza, potatoes or pastries, this Lincat electric convection oven give you the flexibility, capacity and performance you need to get great cooking results every time.
With simple dial controls and space for up to four full size 1/1GN container tray, you can easily meet demand, even during lunch hours or dinner services.

£950 +VAT

Recently bought from Red Hot Chilli Pepper catering supplier but never used as it didn't fit my requirements.
Power: Single Phase

£3125 +VAT ono

Turbochef TC-01 NGC High Speed Commercial Electric 3 Phase Oven
In immaculate condition, as seen in images.
These sell new for £4,000.00 upwards. Our price NOW £999.99 + vat.

£1350 £999.99 +VAT

Turbochef Sota i5
New and unused, still in box
Collection, or delivery can be arranged at cost price

£5000 £4250 +VAT

Cook quickly and frequently with a High Speed Menumaster Combination Oven, the most efficient cooking appliance of its size. Offering the largest internal space available within a small product frame, this compact piece of kitchen equipment can feature over 100 programmes to cater to your business and its signature dishes.

£775 £450 +VAT

£775 £450 +VAT

This powerful, large capacity TurboChef i5 high speed oven can rapidly cook food without compromising its quality. This attractive steel and aluminium oven is ideal for quick service restaurants, bistros and bakeries; the smart menu system can hold 200 menus and a re-circulating catalytic converter allows for a ventless operation, limiting grease and smoke emission.
Metal pans be used in this oven which can cook 10 times faster than convectional models.

£4995 +VAT

3 years old
Used but still in good condition

£900 inc. VAT ono

Eikon 3 oven needs an LCD screen sols as seen

£200 VAT Free

Cook your food quickly and easily with this high speed Menumaster combination microwave! It uses both convection and microwave cooking methods to cook an extensive range of foods in minimal time making it the ultimate addition to any demanding kitchen. This combination microwave features a large cavity with small overall size which makes it ideal for use where space is at a premium but still requires quality results throughout service. The microwave offers high speed control over all cooking modes and boasts 100 programs with USB programmable updates whilst the touch controls ensures easy operation with minimal staff training.

£750 +VAT

MerryChef E2S, 13 Amp, 1 Phase, good condition, has been used for 6 months. Produced 2021, still under the warranty.
Have 8 more the same machines in stock.

£2900 +VAT ono each

| Quantity: 9
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